Islamic Thought Seminar in Nigeria Discusses Unifying Muslim against Oppression

A national seminar on Islamic thought was held Bauchi state of Nigeria on Sunday, August 14,The seminar is an annual event organized by the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (AFIMN).

Speakers were invited from different school of thoughts to deliver lectures on unifying the Muslim Ummah against oppression.

A renowned Sunni Cleric, Shaikh Idris Abdulazeez delivered a lecture on the present state of the Muslim world and the challenges ahead.

In his speech he focused on the major problems of the Muslim world which he said are disunity, lack of understanding and respecting the views of others.

The cleric further stressed on violation of human rights and oppression should be taken out of Muslims societies.

The cleric showed his dismay on how the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) members were massacred in Zaria last year. He further expressed his disappointment on how the Nigerian government is handling the issue of prosecuting the murderers and payment of compensation for the lives and properties destroyed in the pogrom.

The cleric sent his message of condolence to Nigerian Shia leader Sheikh Zakzaky, who lost a number of his family members in the massacre and is still under arrest, and prayed for his quick recovery.

According to, Barrister Muhammad Abubakar Difa gave a comprehensive lecture on citizenship and the rights of citizens as enshrined in Nigerian constitution.

Just before Barrister Difa's lecture, Sayyid Badamasi Ya'qub gave a brief account of the deadly missions of enemies of peace and humanity against Sheikh Zakzaky and explained to the gathering in detail the present health condition of the revered leader and the need for his unconditional release for proper medication.

In his speech, Professor Dahiru Yahya called on all people to stand against oppression and injustice.

He also slammed Wahabi Ideology that has created terrorist organization such as Daesh (ISIL), Boko Haram and Al-Shabab.

The renowned professor also declared Sheikh Zakzaky as an icon of truth and Justice with millions of followers.

In his brief speech, Alh Nuru Adam Hakimin Bauchi expressed his happiness on how the program was conducted peacefully. He further stressed that Sheikh Zakzaky is a man of honor with full rights.

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