Elites Conference against Terrorism Due in February

The Conference on Elites Alliance against Terrorism for a Just Peace will be held in Tehran on February 9, 2016.
According to the Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF), the conference will be a continuation of the sessions and national, regional and international forums and meetings on peace and justice held either inside or outside the country. It aims to define terrorism, study its phenomenology and think up new ideas in this regard with an eye on new international and regional approaches and forging alliance against the foul phenomenon.
More than 500 thinkers, human rights activists, academics as well as senior state and army officials are to attend the event.
Commenting on the conference, Davoud Ameri, IWPF’s secretary-general, listed the event’s main themes as ‘terrorism’, ‘culture and media’, ‘Zionism, Wahhabism and terrorism’, ‘just peace, a strategy for combating terrorism’, ‘supporters of terrorism and international and regional players’ and ‘terrorism and new instruments’.
He stressed that the permanent secretariat of the Global Alliance against Terrorism for a Just Peace has been preparing the ground holding the conference since a long time, by observing and analyzing regional and global events with an expert approach, holding elite and scientific sessions, studying the outcomes of and advances made as a result of holding international conferences and sessions about dialogue on peace and justice with academics, elites, human rights activists, NGOs’ representatives, press and scholars in attendance.
On the importance of the event, Ameri said despite the spread and exacerbation of terrorism in the world and, particularly, the region, international organizations and human rights bodies have remained silent and do not make any significant move or take an effective measure to counter antihuman acts and prevent the occurrence of tragic catastrophes against humanity and justice.
Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that all Muslim elites, thinkers and leaders gather together, establish alliance and think of effective strategies to seriously fight the terrible phenomenon through collective wisdom.
He listed other objectives of the conference as producing knowledge, raising awareness, outlining and stating the conceptual and theoretical reasons behind the emergence and development of the terrorism, creating dialogues on basic and historical issues of the terrorism and ways to counter the trend, illustrating and stressing the importance of paying greater attention to state terrorism and the role of the Zionist regime in supporting and reinforcing it, establishing concord and promoting interaction among active organizations and elites and reviewing academic, cultural and operational methods for fighting terrorism.

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