Terrorism Is a Threat to Peace

Founder of the Planning for Peace in 1983 during an article for IWPF: Terrorism is a threat to peace But it is the peace of the oligarchs which is usually aimed at. And it is the terror deployed by the oligarchs, via weapons of mass destruction, financial fraud, the defamation in the media, legal muscle and political bribery that is most deadly, destructive and dispiriting. This is what gives rise to individual suicide bombers.
Dr. James B. Thring  added  If the judiciary, governments, finance and the media the rest of the world may resort first, to non-cooperation with the terrorist states and oligarchs, using the same language they, in the Security Council, quote from Chapters VI & VII of the UN Charter: If peaceful measures fail, is it fair to move to revolutionary pressure (all necessary means‘) for equilibrium? Preferably a negotiated settlement could be engineered. But there is as yet no arbitration council competent to enforce it.
Would a World Constitution and Parliament help or would that, too, be hi-jacked by the oligarchs? Probably, but it is surely a necessary step in human evolution to a stable global community? Planning alternative courses under a range of evaluated scenarios is an essential he fainally said the first step against such a well-planned and ruthless hegemonic dictatorship of super-state terrorists.
Dr. James B. Thring  Founder of the, Planning for Peace in 1983, the Ministry of Peace in 2002 and Legal.

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