US Needs Iran to Survive Mideast Crises: Pakistani Prof.

A senior Pakistani analyst said the US has accepted the reality that despite being a major power in the world, it cannot solve all world issues on its own and for resolving the Middle East crises it needs Iran.
In an interview with IRNA on Wednesday, Quaid-i-Azam University Professor, Dr Nazir Hussain said that the US needs Iran's help and involvement in resolving the crises of the Middle East, especially the Syrian crisis.
He added that Iran is a strong country and is the only Muslim country that has successfully defeated Daesh terrorists in Iraq.
He said that it is quite obvious that US has changed its policy towards Iran. 'US has realized that Iran plays an important role in international politics and cannot be ignored.'
The professor added that it is correct to say that the US has failed to resolve problems that it helped create in the world and is now seeking the support of other countries for the solutions.
He said that issue of Syria can be resolved through negotiations by the Syrian people and air strikes are not an appropriate way to fight Daesh terrorists in the country.
Dr. Nazir Hussain said that military solution is not the permanent one and objectives cannot be fully achieved solely by the use of power.
He further said that Iran, being a strong Muslim country, can play a major role in bringing peace in Syria. 'Without Iran's coordination and help peace cannot be restored in Syria.'

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