Shia Doctors Laud Iran's High Scientific Status Worldwide

Physician members of the International Organization for Shia Doctors say Iran's scientific and research achievements are of high global status and international well-credited universities rely on them.
Public Relations Department at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences said about 300 physicians are members of the International Organization for Shia Doctors, who arrived in Shiraz, August 8, to be kept abreast of latest in Iran's medicine and especially in Shiraz as the medicine hub of the country.
They are in Shiraz to take part in the 8th International Congress of World Shia Medics on July 28 – August 10.
Dr. Fateme Ali, anaesthetist from the UK, says generally speaking, since coming to Iran she had encountered kind people and a clean country.
'Before coming to Iran I had heard that Shiraz medicine is at a high level and it has good hospitals; now during my visit I can well understand the point.'
She said the world physicians now in Iran to attend the congress, can exchange information.
Pain specialist or palliative from the US, Dr. Huma, says before coming to Shiraz she had been in Tehran and she was made acquainted with medical facilities of Iran.
She lauded high status of education and research in Iranian medicine and said though visiting Iran for the first ever, she was interested to visit Shiraz and Iran again to build up her knowledge and exchange information with colleagues.

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