US University Suspended Student for Insulting Religions

A Texas Christian University (TCU) student,who is also a member of the college republicans and the young Americans for Freedom, was suspended from campus activities and given community service for comments he had made criticizing Islam and Mexicans on social media.
In addition to being ordered to perform 60 hours of community service, the TCU student Harry Vincent, who is 19 year-old, was told that he must attend diversity training.
Vincent was also accused of posting "inappropriate" comments about Mexicans and the rioters in Baltimore, Maryland.
Vincent's actual accusations from the university included "infliction of bodily or emotional harm" and "disorderly conduct.  They were incurred after he sent out tweets about Islam and the Baltimore riots.
For its part, the university TCU said in a statement "when student's conduct violates the university's behavioral standards, they are subject to a disciplinary process and will be held accountable for their actions."
The incident took place when a woman with no ties to the college, but knew Vincent as a middle-school classmate, took offense at the messages and kicked off a Twitter vent against him, urging her followers to complain to the university.
Once alerted, Associate Dean of Students Glory Robinson ordered Vincent to apologize despite the fact that the messages were posted on his own private social media pages.

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