"Women of the Islamic World, the Contemporary Era" Int'l Conference in Tehran

 Women's Association of History Researchers in Tehran will hold its fifth conference on “the women of the Islamic world in the 19th and 20th centuries” on 18 December.
Elham Malekzadeh, executive secretary of the conference said that the program has been planned in order to study women's issues and opportunities as well as impediments faced by them in the course of history and in Islamic societies of the contemporary era.
This conference aims to study the issues and problems of women both theoretically and objectively.
Theoretical and methodological considerations used in women's studies and women's historiography in general, approaches applied to women's studies in Islamic societies in particular, fundamental and universal rights of women and gender in Islam will be among the issues addressed in this conference.
Moreover, the substantial contribution of women to family life and to all other social affairs, their role in civil and national movements, the scientific and cultural activities of prominent Muslim women, and the status of the women of non-Muslim minorities in Islamic societies will also be addressed by the conference to identify the position of the Islamic world in promoting women's movements both independently and by means of comparative evaluation of women's thoughts and their functions in Islamic societies.
The themes of the conference also include “The Role and Function of Women in the Islamic World”, “Women and Society”, “Women and Politics”, “Women and Culture”, “Women and Economics”, “Women and Art”, “Women and Literature”, “Women and Communication”, “Women of Religious Minorities in Islamic Societies” and “Muslim Women in Non-Muslim Societies”.
Abstracts should be a maximum of 300 words (including research problems, methodologies and findings) and could be either in Persian, Arabic or English.
The deadline for sending abstracts is June 20, 2013.
The papers should have a maximum of 6000 words and the deadline for sending full papers is September 21, 2013.
Abstracts and papers should be sent to: zananetarikh@yahoo.com.
The international event will be jointly organized by Mofid University, Imam Khomeini (RA) Islamic Revolution Research Center, the Center of Islamic Encyclopedia and Imam Musa Sadr Institute.

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