Security of Lebanon is "Priority for the World"

The security of Lebanon is a priority for the region and for the world, according to the UN Deputy Secretary-General.

Jan Eliasson is in Lebanon where he met with Prime Minister Tamam Salam for the launch of the Lebanese Crisis Response Plan.

This new plan will assist Syrian refugees who have been fleeing the civil war in their country since 2011, and support the Lebanese communities hosting them.

Mr Eliasson said the UN will try to help as much as possible so the conflict in Syria does not spread into Lebanese society.

UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric highlighted the Deputy Secretary-General's message to the people of Lebanon.

“He noted that the country has more than a million refugees and said that the United Nations understands the strains that are being placed on Lebanese communities. He told the Lebanese people that the United Nations will stand by them, saying, "You have been brave, you have been courageous and we will be at your side."  (16″)

Mr Eliasson added that the last time he visited Lebanon was two years ago, when the number of refugees was less than 150,000.

The UN Refugee Agency reports that more than 1.3 million refugees are expected by the beginning of 2015, making what it called "Lebanon’s exceptional hospitality" extremely stretched.

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