Quran’s Right Over Muslims Course Planned in Kuwait

An educational course on “Quran’s right over Muslims” will be held on November 3 for women in Kuwait.
According to Alaan newspaper, the Islamic Awakening Center affiliated to Women’s Committee of the Association for the Revival of Islamic Heritage has planned the course and started the registration.
It is free for expatirat women residing in the country and the themes are instructed in different languages including Indonesian, Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Ethiopian, etc.
Given the importance of the course in promoting Muslim women’s knowledge about Islamic principles and teachings, the committee has invited all women of the region to participate at the course.
Dissemination of the noble teachings of Islam among non-Arab speaking Muslim minorities in Kuwait is the main objective of the center.
Organization of seminars in Arabic and English languages and courses on Tajweed principles and publication of religious books and magazines are among the activities of the center.
It is also actively involved in charity affairs and holds annual charity markets.

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