Educating Children in Gaza Remains Priority for UN Agency

Providing education to children in conflict-torn Gaza remains a priority for the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA).
That's what the Deputy Director of Operations for UNRWA in Gaza, Scott Anderson said on Sunday which should have been the first day of school in the territory.
School bells rang in all 85 UNRWA emergency shelters in Gaza to mark the day.
Mr. Anderson said as the conflict continued in Gaza, UNRWA's priority of taking care of the refugees and people in the territory has not changed.
"Continuing to educate the children will remain a priority and we will find a way to accomplish that even in difficult circumstances.  So, working with the Ministry of Education and our headquarters we have devised a new plan to provide education to children in our shelters and also children across Gaza." (13")
According to UNRWA, the ongoing conflict has seen 79 of its schools damaged, and 85 functioning as shelters hosting over 292,000 people, including about 75,000 school-aged children.

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