Secretory General of IWPF’s Letter to Ban Ki Moon about Zionist Regime Attacks on Gaza

Secretary-General of the Islamic World Peace Forum,Dr Davood Ameri in a letter sent to the Secretary -General of the United Nations Organizations violation of Zionist regime is a serious threat to regional peace and security.

The Letter Text:

In the Name of the Most High

His Excellency Secretary-General of the United Nations
Excellency, as you are well aware, it is now eight days since the Zionist regime has launched its aggressive military attacks on Gaza in Palestine, as a result of which thus far 200 civilians have died and 1400, including children, wounded in the cities and villages of Gaza. This situation, which is in stark violation of principles of human and humanitarian rights, is a serious threat to regional peace and security and lack of an appropriate action by the UN in line with implementation of the Chapter Seven of the UN Charter is a source of serious concern.
In the light of the measures taken by your good self, particularly in the extraordinary session of the Security Council, it is necessary to once again ask the Council to take prompt measures. Given your authorities and prerogatives as the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization and in case of the inability of the Security Council to take appropriate measures, may we draw your Excellency’s attention to a decision by the UN General Assembly to take appropriate measures in this regard and in order to maintain international peace and security in line with the Resolution “Unity for Peace”.

In the light of the responsibility of the public for the materialization of Article 1 of the UN Charter, and taking into account the serious attention of the United Nations and all international organizations as well as the responsibility of all governments and members of international community for insuring peace and justice, and in the light of the right to self-determination of all nations in confronting an aggressive war and prosecution and punishment of war criminals, the Islamic World Peace Forum expects His Excellency the Secretary General to strengthen his professional efforts and also employ the necessary international legal and juridical instruments and means to help halt the crimes of the Zionist regime.
Your Excellency, attached please find a copy of the Statement of this Forum which was issued on June 26, 2014 in this regard.
Secretary General,

Islamic World Peace Forum


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