NGO’s Role in Accomplishment of Just Peace

Dr. Laleh Eftekhari

Mrs. Eftekhari, a member of IRI parliament, about the issue of peace in this conference said: “we face four groups of people in the world, whose stance and contribution in the field of peace can be studied:
1. A group of warmongers who seek war in the name of peace.2. A group composed of groups of ordinary people and, perhaps, some elites that despite looking for peace and tranquility do not know the reality of peace and, therefore, instead of real peace follow a mirage of peace.
3. A group of state officials of those countries that refrain from peace because the reality and transparency of peace do not secure their interests.
4. A group of people who indeed seek real peace, or the same just peace.
She mentioned the holy Quran as a grand and precious source, and added: “we can talk with other countries by the language of Quran, and direct the divine religions towards our common point which is the same just peace, and use the capacities of virtual environment of media and internet for communication and expansion of our common concept at most.

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