A large number of students, in Sochi, Russia for an international festival, have staged a pro-Palestinian rally in front of the central media center there, calling out for freedom of Palestine.

Iran-based World Assembly of Proximity among Islamic Denominations staged a first international meeting on the role of the global unions of the assembly in advancing the mission of Muslim unity.

Eight Palestinian media outlets in the occupied West Bank have been closed by Israeli forces for a six-month period.

 Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei allocated a total of 10 billion rials (about $300,000) to help Myanmar’s persecuted Rohingya Muslim refugees.

The cholera outbreak in war-torn Yemen is the largest single-year cholera outbreak ever on record, said a UN spokesman on Friday in announcing more than 2,150 associated deaths since April.

The Zionist Regime of Israel resumed constructing its controversial separation wall northwest of the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem that is viewed as an embodiment of Tel Aviv's oppression against the Palestinians.

Settlement activity in 2017 is over four times higher than that recorded in 2016 due to the support it receives from the Israeli government and the US.

Israel says it plans to pull out of the United Nations cultural and education agency, UNESCO, hours after the US announced its decision to do the same, accusing the body of “anti-Israel bias.”

The UN Security Council on Tuesday called on all parties in Yemen to engage in meaningful dialogue to stop fighting and resolve the conflict.

Rescue operation under way after boat overcrowded with people fleeing Myanmar violence sinks on its way to Bangladesh.


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