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One of the goals of sublime mission of the prophets and messengers of God is fighting injustice and cruelty, establishing and consolidating peace and creating justice in the world.

Founder of the Planning for Peace in 1983 during an article for IWPF: Terrorism is a threat to peace But it is the peace of the oligarchs which is usually aimed at. And it is the terror deployed by the oligarchs, via weapons of mass destruction, financial fraud, the defamation in the media, legal muscle and political bribery that is most deadly, destructive and dispiriting. This is what gives rise to individual suicide bombers.

Those who have studied history books of Islam or biography of the holy prophet (pbuh) rarely find any relation between the various narrations. Unfortunately, chronological sequence of Islamic events has been presented in the form of separate cycles.

Dr. Nader Saed, Secretary of Scientific Committee and Director of Academic Department, the IWPF

The treaties and agreements the prophet (pbuh) signed with other tribes, despite variety of subjects especially for covering the issues about both parties common peace and security, were all based on a set of monotheistic teachings among which respecting human’s position was one the most important ones.

Dr. Eftekhari, member of Islamic Council Parliament, said: “Media and diplomacy, as two important tools, must be at the service of fulfillment of this Ayah “firm of heart against the unbelievers, compassionate among themselves” (Surah 48, Ayah 29) so that the prophet’s diplomacy may be repeated.

The international conference on "Global alliance against Terrorism for a Just Peace", based on the justice-seeking policies of the I.R. Iran and derived from Imam Khomeini and the supreme leader's emphases for confrontation with terrorism and establishment of just peace, was held in May 14, 15,2011

Origin of recent Middle East terrorism is Zionists in Palestine. Defines levels of terrorism;

1) Hopeless individuals, e.g. Palestinians. 

2) Terror groups with just cause, e.g. IRA.

In his speech in the International Symposium on Diplomacy and Soft Power in the Seerah of the Prophet (PBUH), Dr Zafar Bangash, Islamic movement journalist and commentator in Toronto, Canada and the  Director of the The Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT)...

 In the opening ceremony of International Symposium on Diplomacy and Soft Power in the Sirah of the Prophet (pbuh), Dr Alireza Mokhber Dezfoli, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, emphasized that given to the current special condition that  we are facing now, paying  more attention to the Seerah of the Holy Prophet(PBUH) is critical.

A brief overview of  Islamic history apparently shows that Holy Prophet(PBUH) never used force or preventive acts even against His adversaries except under very special conditions and He based His conduct on defense and resistance which is rational and accepted by all.


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