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In order to fulfill the demand of international community regarding explanation and planning of the model of Islamic diplomacy and soft power, the Islamic World Peace Forum will hold the International Symposium on Diplomacy and Soft Power in the Seerah of the Prophet (PBUH) in Future.

Prof. Muhammad Suheyl Umar

Soiling one’s tongue with ill-speech is a sin
The disbeliever and the believer are alike creatures of God.
Humanity, human respect for human reality...

Imam Mohammad al-‘Asi

Terrorism is a word used by state coalitions, by states, sub-state actors and even individuals to rationalize acts of violence or to respond to acts of violence.

Dr. János Drábic

Is it possible to fight against terrorism non-violently, with peaceful means? Since for the individual, for human communities and for humanity itself the greatest value is human life...

Abdul Rauf Al  Shayeb, Secretary General and Leader of Bahrain Freedom

There is no better evidence of this than what the people of Bahrain are witnessing:  organized terrorism carried out by militias of Al-Khalifa’s, the oppressor of our people in Bahrain.

Dr. Victoria Catherine Brittain

This Article analyzes the State terrorism- a case study of Dr Aafia Siddiqui – an iconic victim of the ―war on terror. This US-educated Pakistani woman‘s story illustrates many aspects of the war on terror waged by the US and its allies, and is a reminder of how much Muslim women have also suffered in this ten years ...

Not just today, but always, religions have constituted one of the pillars of the culture of every nation and tradition. Even in modern secular states,religion and believers often influence the development of legislation.

The preparatory session of the Islamic World Peace Forum was held on June 17, 2013, with the presence of the Forum’s Secretary General, Dr. Davoud Ameri. The gathering aimed at a recall for articles for the International Symposium on Diplomacy and Soft Power in the Seerah of the Prophet(PBUH).

Following the killing of Osama Bin-Laden, we are again reminded of the tragic interconnection between religion and violence, not only that the world's most well-known terrorist is dead but that his death in many circles was celebrated. That terrorism is violence is a truism.

In my idea Geneva II can be only a step to reach political aims in Syria; therefore, to think that in Geneva II all the issues of Syria are solvable are quite absurd and certainly more meetings and discussions are necessary.


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