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Secretary-General of the Islamic World Peace Forum,Dr Davoud Ameri in a letter sent to the Secretary -General of the United Nations Organizations voiced concern over threats of the terrorist group(ISIS) in the region.

Islamic World Peace Forum held a Seminar on legal measures against terrorist groups in the region, attended by legal elites, thinkers and cultural-academic personalities.

School life can be seen today as an imaginary “front - line” crossed in different directions by diverse types of violence currently present in society.

Dr. Davoud Ameri

Islamic World Peace Forum Held a Conference on the Issue of Expansion of Just Peace discourse, attended by National Elites, Thinkers and Cultural-Academic Personalities.

The meeting to pool view on International Symposium of Diplomacy and Soft Power in the Seerah of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) was held here at the Islamic World Peace Forum, attended by related scholars.The meeting aimed to define and adjust goals of the session.

Dr. Laleh Eftekhari

Mrs. Eftekhari, a member of IRI parliament, about the issue of peace in this conference said: “we face four groups of people in the world, whose stance and contribution in the field of peace can be studied:

Hojat al-Islam Mohammad Salar

Hojat al-Islam Salar, Deputy of International Affairs of  the Ahlul Bayt World Assembly , stressed on Islamic peace and its clarification for other peoples as essential tasks of the forum. 

The Right to Peace: A Defense-Security Approach

I will focus on “security and defense approaches to peace” in order to prove that peace cannot be simply realized from a legal or political viewpoint, but there are more important viewpoints with different approaches to peace.

Letter of Jeffrey Feltman to Secretary General of the Islamic World Peace Forum

The Islamic World Peace Forum in a letter sent to the UN Chief voiced concern over threats of the US and of certain western states for military intervention in Syria, calling on the UN to take hasty action to stop the threats.

 Dr. Zuhair A. Almahmeed

Peace is one of Allah’s attributes and names, and spreading peace within one’s self is the greatest jihad. It is right start to spread peace between all human beings; this is one of the best morals of people in this life and the other life.


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