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The Secretary-General Message on the International Day of Peace

The International Day of Peace is a time for reflection – a day when we reiterate our belief in non-violence and call for a global ceasefire.  We ask people everywhere to observe a minute of silence, at noon local time, to honour those killed in conflict and the survivors who live with daily trauma and pain.

Professor Alicia Cabezudo

Exclusive article For the Islamic World Peace Forum by Professor Alicia Cabezudo about learning peace:

International Day of Peace

I summarize Peace Learning as The Five C’s. Just as we have our daily vitamins to supplement our physical health The Five C’s are every bit as potent for the health of our mind, emotions and relationships. The Five C’s are Compassion, Communication, Cooperation, Culture, and Conservation.

Just Peace in the Global System

The Islamic world peace forum intends to hold a meeting titled "Just Peace in the Global System" with the participation of the elites who are active in the promotion of international peace.

Henelito A. Sevilla

The intricacies of today’s world require a new approach and consideration to the operationalization of the so called world Peace.

The Islamic World Peace Forum requests that anti-war NGOs take an active, judicious approach toward awareness and prevention of such threats and join the Global Alliance against Attack on Syria.

Ban Ki Moon the Secretary General of the United Nations

Islamic World Peace Forum has been sent a Missive to Ban Ki Moon the Secretary General of the United Nations, about west Military Intervention in Syria, the full text of this letter is...

In a recent statement, the Islamic World Peace Forum declared:For the nation of Syria, peace and stability are priorities, and foreign military intervention will exacerbate instability in the region.

Alliance of Elite for Slogan: “No to War”

More Than 100 Elite Members of the Permanent Secretariat of the Global Alliance for a Just Peace during a statment, any military measure against a country or its territorial integrity or political independence of an independent country is in contravention with the UN Charter and is considered an act of aggression.

Manuel Galiana Ros

The New World Order´s (NOW) goal is the establishment of a world government by law, this is legalising a situation that “de facto” exists, in most countries in this planet.


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