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Peace and justice is the topic for this conference. I would like to start by saying that when I started to research on peace and justice, it’s a common thing, it’s a thing that people expect it to be there

It is so important to recall that every human being is longing for peace, justice and tranquility as it is everyone’s wishes and expectations.

The theme I am assigned to introduce at this meeting refers to the item agenda of the fourth Panel which centers on the “Discourse for Just Peace in the world”.

he Trump administration unilaterally sought to reinstate sanctions against Iran, while announcing its withdrawal from the JCPOA, which had halted sanctions on Iran. 

In order to have a correct image of justice and the place of justice in the media, we must first obtain a correct definition of justice and its place in man. In Islamic principles and teachings, human beings are created by nature. 

This assalamo alaikom is the greetings for all of you. In Arabic it means peace be upon you. This is the standard salutation among peoples of islam throughout the universe. 

Today, the world needs more and more the realization of just peace, in other words, peace based on justice, and in this direction, Islamic teachings, due to the centrality of justice, can create executive strategies for the establishment of just peace. 

The subject of this brief speech is a re-reading of Imam Khamenei's jurisprudential principles about just peace and strategies for its realization

On the one hand, faith in God and the mission of the prophets on the Day of Judgment is being severely weakened by arrogant and secular powers such as the United States, such as the Zionists. It is moral.

he answer is that Shiite Islam considers the origin of lasting peace in the realization of justice. Thus, the hypothesis of answering this question is as follows: A


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