A leading US Muslim advocacy group has filed a complaint over the Columbus Police Division’s refusal to allow women officers to wear hijab, calling the decision a discriminatory one.

A leading Nigerian civil rights group has condemned calls to ban hijab in northern Nigeria, warning that any such ban would offer no solution to the problem of Boko Haram extremism.

Iran's female lawyers in a statement condemned the ongoing Saudi-led massacre of the Yemeni civilians, and criticized the international bodies for keeping mum about the human tragedy.

Escaping the violence and the poverty of their homeland hundreds of improvished women from Myanmar some only teenagers, are being forced into marriage.

A major one-day conference on Islamophobia in Scotland is to be held later this year.

A Muslim and Christian female students were barred from taking the All-India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) after refusing to remove their religious garments, sparking anger among the Indian religious minorities.

Hundreds of people have attended the funeral of an African American woman found dead in prison days after she was violently arrested for a minor traffic offense, in what activists call another example of US police brutality toward blacks.

Samantha Elauf was denied a job by Abercrombie & Fitch because she wore a headscarf during job interview.

Speaking at the Security Council during an open debate on children and armed conflict, which focused on what the Council sees as an increasing trend of mass abductions, Mr. Ban reported ...

Canada’s premier Muslim women’s festival is set to take place  on Sunday, June 7, in the South Western Ontario city of Kitchener, amid hopes of extending new bridges with the larger community.


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