Judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo, a Muslim woman, took oath as a civil court judge in New York on Thursday, while swearing to abide by the US Constitution placing her hand on the Holy Quran.

The Arab world has elected its first-ever woman Speaker of Parliament.

 A conference titled “Woman in Islam; The End of Myths” was held by Iranian Cultural Center in Caracas, Venezuela.

The General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will hold a meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday to assess the implementation of the resolutions of the ministerial meetings that were held during the past 10 years on the role of women in the development of the member state.

The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has called for the end to gender inequalities and the protection of the human rights of young women and girls everywhere.

Muslim women wearing hijabs or headscarves are far more likely to fall victim to hate crimes amid alarming rise in Islamophobic attacks, according to monitoring groups in the United Kingdom.

A specialized Quranic institute called “Al-Kawthar” will be set up for women in Iraq.

The first edition of “Al-Ghadir” national Quran memorization and recitation competition for women has been planned in Iraq.

Tasneem Kabir was on her way to college in London when she became the target of an unprovoked attack by a Nigerian-born man identified as Michael Ayoade, probably because of her hijab. She was knocked unconscious by the attack, which also left her with a smashed lip and a few broken teeth.

A group of ambitious young women started Hijabiksi, a youth project to reduce societal fears surrounding the hijab.


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