Terrorist group of the ISIS has executed four women in the city of Mosul in Iraq’s northwestern Nineveh province, after accusing them of “committing adultery”, local sources reported on Thursday.

A group of Muslim women in North Texas is working to fight racial prejudice against Muslims and Islam.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops announced Monday (Feb. 8) that it was starting a new National Catholic-Muslim Dialogue group, an initiative driven in part by growing anti-Islamic sentiment that many bishops have denounced.

The placards read: "My hijab, My pride; choice and religion; "Hijab signifies superiority and not inferiority”; "I love the hijab”; "Hijab by heart”; "If beret is for Christians, hijab is for Muslims”; and "No matter the murmuring, hijab till I die”.

Any interested non-Muslim women were invited to don the headscarf for the day, or even just for a moment, in order to gain knowledge and insight about the culture of hijabs. The event was hosted by the Muslim Student Association and a discussion was held later in the day to answer questions and concerns of participants.

A court in Cairo, Egypt, on Tuesday sentenced a journalist to three years in jail for insulting Islam.

City for All Women Initiative (CAWI) had invited non-Muslim women to wear a hijab for "Ottawa Hijab Day."

What follows here is is the final statement of the Women and Muslim Family Commission.

Representatives of 21 African countries are present in the women’s section of the 7th edition of Sudan’s international Holy Quran competition.

US police escorted a Muslim woman wearing a hijab from Donald Trump’s campaign event, after she stood up in silent protest during the Republican presidential front-runner’s speech.


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