Dr. Hassan Abdalla Al Turabi

In the religion of Islam, a woman is an independent entity, and thus a fully responsible human being. Islam addresses her directly and does not approach her through the agency of Muslim males.

Muslim women in France have held a rally in protest against growing Islamophobic attacks on Hijab-wearing women.

A teenage girl has been assaulted near Paris for wearing an Islamic veil, the latest in a wave of violent attacks against the Muslim community in France.

Elham Aminzadeh

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani appointed Elham Aminzadeh as his Vice-President for Legal Affairs.

The Poverty Action Network of Ethiopia, activated by UN Women, instructed 30 women activists from major NGOs on gender-responsive planning and budgeting.

‘Rebuilding Shattered Lives’ is the 18-month campaign to raise awarebess about the condition of homeless women in UK.

The UN refugee agency warned that recurrent conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's North Kivu province is uprooting more civilians and exposing an increasing number of women, girls and men to rape.

A Saudi Arabian activist and journalist has been banned from traveling abroad.

A Russian Islamic scholar said Russia’s hijab ban shouldn’t be protested against since Muslim women in Russia did use to wear hijab, even before the revolution.

The Supreme Court upheld a ban on wearing Muslim headscarves to school in southern Russia, the RAPSI legal news agency reported.


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