The cultural and religious center of al-Hoda Islamic Society has been inaugurated in the Canadian city of Edmonton in the western province of Alberta.

A top Iranian Qari will take part in a Quran recitation session in Sweden later this week.

 Muslim citizens are model citizens and patriots, a new poll says.

The 14th edition of the Quran competition for Bahraini Shias concluded earlier this week.

We are clad in black these days to mourn a young lady who in order to safeguard the spirit and letter of God's Revealed Word for ensuring eternity of humanitarian values, not just sacrificed her peace and life...

The Islamic Ummah as a whole is currently facing many problems and challenges such as democratization, human rights, equal opportunity, gender equality, extremism, radicalization, and many other issues mainly because Muslims are not united.

The National Political Islam and the Middle East Conference will be held at Mashhad Ferdowsi University in the Month of Ordibehesht (April/May).

The spirit, purpose and principles of Islam can be applied to the issues and challenges facing the modern world and can considerably help tackle such problems.

Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar stressed fraternal ties between Shia and Sunni demanding for closer ties between the two Islamic denominations.

A commission of enquiry into Nigerian army's attacks against the Shia Muslim community last year was suspended Monday.


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