An international conference entitled “Islam and the Sedition of Takfir” will start in the Lebanese capital of Beirut this afternoon.

In its recent issue, Newsweek has published an interview with the author of 'When Islam and Democracy Meet', in which the scholar says that despite common belief, mosques will help reduce religious fanaticism.

The Muslim Council of Britain has condemned incidents of “hateful sectarian messages” on the streets of the country against Shia Muslims.

"Polling has shown that Canadian Muslims are proud to be Canadian, more so than the average Canadian,” said Ihsaan Gardee, Executive Director of the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The featuring of a veiled doll with a message equating Muslims with terrorists and extremists is inviting the outrage of the Muslim community in the United States, in the latest sign of rising Islamophobia in the country.

A manager of publishing house in Iran says 5 volumes of ‘Mohammad,’ a novel about the prophet of Islam, has been sold in the US.


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