The Full Text of the Secretary of the Confernece Speech

Dr, Davood Ameri The Secretary of the Confernece

In the name of God
Praise the creator of universe who set the earth a place for the tranquility of mankind. Salute to all the messengers of God.
Greetings all the cultured and respected audience who have gathered here at the conference with the aim of offering solutions to deal with terrorism and materialize a Just Peace for all worldwide!
Respected scholars and scholars! Despite all technological advancements, today’s life is critically endangered by a major threat called terrorism. The scope of its complexity, which has targeted people’s culture, society and environment, is increased day by day.
All of us are aware that terrorism is a global disaster which is emerged from injustice, unilateralism and inattention to human dignity. It is a major menace for the international community, disregard of human races and cultures. Launching the campaign requires an all-out, prudent and principal effort in the hope of resulting in prosperity, peace and health for all generations of human community. This vital fruit will be prevailed around the world when respecting all nations and cultures as well as respecting human rights is institutionalized in the international community.
To realize this long-awaited goal, the presence of distinguished figures and scholars as well as representatives of NGOs from across the globe, extended from Asia to Europe and from America to Africa, and from other parts of the world in Iran is a welcome opportunity to benefit from their intellectual, scientific and practical capacities and deal with terrorism under a global management system.
We believe that measures which have been carried out in recent years by the international community under the management of a number of powerful elements against terrorism have shown that the fear of terrorism and terrorist attacks still exists even more than the past. So, the management of dealing with terrorism using experienced methods has proved to be inefficient to eliminate terrorism in an organized way.
Respected members of the board of trustees, the scholar and scholars! We are of the opinion that dealing with damages and threats of global terrorism is dependent upon unity and synergy of thoughts and knowledge among the scholar and mobilizing the public around the world. To this end, status of the scholar is of high significance. We believe that the power of knowledge has set them free of dogmatism and narrow-mindedness and has paved the way for a global alliance to combat terrorism for realizing “Just Peace”.
We believe that despite all carried out campaigns against terrorism its threats to the global peace are on the rise. It has brought unwelcome outcomes such as poverty, injustice, disease, disappointment and frustration for people.
To get rid of this inhuman predicament, governmental efforts are by no means sufficient to uproot terrorism and providing people with secure and serene places for human beings. So, the Islamic Global Peace Forum has made efforts since its establishment to launch wide-range activities in cooperation with NGOs and international figures active in the field of peace for benefiting from potentials of the scholar. 
We have come to the conclusion that relying on a high ambition and a firm belief resulted from pure souls of humans inspired by divine teachings and benefiting from the contemporary era’s media facilities, grounds are provided for launching a scientific, practical and cultural campaign against terrorism. Therefore, all the freedom-seeking people around the world, especially representatives of international media, should take advantage of this welcome opportunity and think about their personal and global responsibility.
The Islamic Global Peace Forum sends the message of peace and friendship to Iranian people and invites Iranian and international scholars and officials of NGOs to gather together and devise an efficient and society-based plan to combat terrorism as a predicament under a synergy and collective effort and condemn all branches of terrorism, particularly professional terrorism, state-run terrorism, and cultural terrorism and whatever endangers material and spiritual lives of innocent people inequitably.
We are of the opinion that the sun of peace will rise in the near future and the wish of people who longed for security and serenity will come true and the fear of terrorism will be removed under the support of all social scholars and distinguished figures and the next generation will see the face of friendship and kindness.
Dear cultural and intellectual representatives from different nations! The goal will be achieved under interaction and discourse among civilizations, religions, cultures, distinguished figures and NGOs. Your presence in the conference is a good sign of achieving the goal.
Dear audience, respected colleagues and cultured figures! People around the world expect us to thoroughly examine the current situation and find roots of the global terrorism and offer effective and practical solutions for all nations worldwide to get rid of the terrorism predicament. To this end, we should pay attention to some notes:
The pathological attitude is a prerequisite which will lead us to a true understanding from challenges and deficits.
Combating terrorism will be possible under taking comprehensive and wise measures.
Managing, preventing and dealing with terrorism should be carried out based on ethical, religious and legal norms.
Eventually, the global peace management, like dealing with terrorism, requires cooperation of all the scholar and NGOs in a synergetic and collective effort with official organizations affiliated with the United Nations. This large gathering, which has been organized aiming to launch an effective movement, is the fruit of cooperation and support of many distinguished figures and directors of NGOs during the past four months. We are honored to host you in Iran in line with realizing the sacred goal of eliminating terrorism in the Islamic Republic.
It is hoped that holding this conference would strengthen cooperation and collaboration among the scholar and lead them in the campaign to materialize a world free of terrorism, God willing.

May 14, 15,2011
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