A Brief Report of the "Symposium on Just Peace in the Global System”

On the occasion of the international Day of Peace, 21st September 2013, Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF) held a Symposium entitled “Just Peace in the Global System” at the Department of International Organizations, Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Some scientific-cultural personalities of the country, elites, scholars, directors of NGOs active in peace and human rights, Friendship Associations of Iran & other countries as well as experts interested in this field participated in this program. This meeting concentrated on pathology and building blocks aimed to intellectual synergy among elites, to understand the peace and injuries facing it and to explain the just peace discourse.
At the beginning of the meeting, the U.N Secretary-General's message was read to the audiences. During the meeting, a number of experts gave lectures and a summary of their opinions and the overall atmosphere of the Symposium are as follows:Thanks to the message issued by Dear U.N Secretary-General, it is necessary to pursue the Secretary-General's initiative to develop a comprehensive plan for the international Day of Peace in the coming year around the fundamental pillars of world peace.

  • World peace is constantly threatened so that the level and diversity of threats are increasing every day. Since the world peace is under a dangerous situation, the approach of the international community should be in a way that confront with the bases increasing the threats against just peace in the world and in this regard, priority should be focused on logical and scientific understanding of their reasons.
  • "Education for peace" indicates that the U.N Secretary-General has focused his attention on the infrastructures of a just peace in the world. Accordingly, it is appropriate to neglect this minor subject and to consider carefully all other infrastructures of world peace especially justice.  The U.N Secretary-General could employ his full official capacities to draw the attention of the relevant U.N organs to these infrastructures.
21st September 2013
Department of International Organizations, Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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