Global alliance against Terrorism for a Just Peace

The international conference on "Global alliance against Terrorism for a Just Peace", based on the justice-seeking policies of the I.R. Iran and derived from Imam Khomeini and the supreme leader's emphases for confrontation with terrorism and establishment of just peace, was held in May 14, 15.2011.

102 elites and intellectuals from 60 countries of the world and a large group of national elites, scholars and managers of NGOs attended the conference in the hall of international conferences of I.R. Iran in Hotel Spinas.

A brief report of this conference

Preparatory Actions:

  1. Preparing the general plan for the conference with a look at the objectives, approaches and creation of the suitable structures.
  2. The co-thinking session of 40 internal elites for receiving their views, completing the plan and developing capacities for their participation.
  3. Establishment of the policy-making headquarter, four committees of scientific, cultural, guests and executive issues, and also a committee for public relations and media, secretariat of the conference with participation of 35 elites, experts and organizations, and establishment of more than 500 specialized meetings for arrangement  and coordination of the activities.
  4. Designing the conference website with a suitable environment in accordance with international conference standards in order to announce the conference existence on virtual environment.
  5. Study and recognition of more than 700 global personalities and selection of 150 people among them to be invited.
  6. Communicating and inviting 139 elites to attend the conference; 122 of them accepted the invitation.
  7. Planning for cultural artistic exhibitions to deepen the concepts of conference and establishment of the office of cooperating NGO at the site of the conference for introducing the actions and a better and influential contact.
  8. Planning for scientific products of the conference like: books, special issues, scientific articles and scientific and specialized panels with cooperation of internal and foreign elites.
  9. Planning for leisure side-activities and purposeful multi-party visits and cultural and propaganda usage.
  10. Preparing media appendix and atlas of the conference for organizing the media affairs of before, during and after conference.
  11. Arranging the timetable for the four committees of the conference and other related groups.
  12. Organizing various groups on the basis of a certain plan and the decided actions for receiving, transferring, hosting, ceremonies and visa of the foreign guests.
  13. Designing and performing environmental publicizing issues and designing decoration of the conference halls.
  14. Coordinating security and safety issues with the related organizations.
  15. Participating in T.V program from channel 2 of I.R.B with the head of scientific committee and Imam Mohammad al-Asi on May 12, 2011
  16. Performing the symbolic release of 195 pigeons in Ab-o Atash park of Tehran as symbol of 195 countries of the world except for the Zionist regime on May 12, 2011.
  17. Attending I.R.B T.V. program attended by the directors of scientific and cultural committees on May 12, 2011.


  1. Participation of 102 elites from foreign countries with high level of scientific, social and cultural positions, 78% of whom were travelling to Iran for the first time.
  2. Creating a reasonable scientific and cultural atmosphere in I.R. Iran for an international task by a nongovernmental organization.
  3. Achieving satisfaction of the internal and foreign guests at a very good level.
  4. Developing a reasonable discipline for performing the programs despite the existing problems.
  5. Preparing a free scientific and social atmosphere for the guests to express their viewpoints clearly and freely.
  6. Recording more than 70 purposeful interviews and documenting them.
  7. Conducting tens of interviews and media talks with foreign guests and internal elites, and broadcasting them worldwide.
  8. Motivating more than 100 national and international media to cover the conference.
  9. Having the conference news broadcasted as the top news of first to third rank on international news agencies; the title of the conference was repeated on cyber environment more than one million and hundred ninety five times in different languages , which is still continued.
  10. Broadcast of the conference news in more than 40 visual media of the world.
  11. Compilation of more than 90 scientific papers from internal and foreign elites.
  12. Performing a reasonable scientific cultural task admired by the national and foreign guests.
  13. The guests visited more than 14 scientific and academic centers like University of Tehran, Imam Sadeq University, Razavi University, Ferdosi University, Jameat al-Mostafa and Jameye Modaresin of Qom.
  14. A group of the guests visited the supreme leader and some of the great (high ranking) clerics (Maraje-ye Taghlid)
  15. Creation of a trustful contact between IWFP and the national elites and foreign guests.
  16. Expressing satisfaction by the foreign guests for being in Iran and attending the conference and about the conference achievements.
  17. Establishment of the primary nucleus of an elite group for following the conference objectives and final statement.
  18. Developing capacity for future movements at international level.
  19. Developing positive capacity for holding next conference in a foreign country.
  20. Developing cultural and artistic capacity for propounding the conference concepts so that artists from 22 countries participated in artistic productions of the conference.


  1. Publication of 8 scientific specialized books about the conference concepts:
    1. Terrorism and Confronting It (Persian)
    2. Terrorism and Confronting It (English)
    3. Forty Dialogues about Just Peace (Persian)
    4. Forty Dialogues about Just Peace (English)
    5. Critical Bibliography of Terrorism and Peace (Persian, Arabic and English)
    6. Virtual Colonialism or Cyber Terrorism (English)
    7. Right for Just Peace (Persian)
    8. Right for Just Peace (English)
  2. Publication of International Caricature Book Exhibition
  3. Publication of Poster and Graphic Book Exhibition
  4. Production and publication of 4 media special edition for the conference in Persian, Arabic and English.
  5. Production of Peace and Justice Symphony (Persian and English) and performing it in the closing ceremony and publishing it in C.D form.
  6. Production of C.D books of the conference.

And several other books, C.Ds and cultural products related to the conference subject.

At last it is worth mentioning that maintaining the existing contacts and expanding them by conference attendees is one of the programs whose pursuit will result in formation of an influential network of international elites for the conference objectives; and this is seriously pursued by IWPF.

May 14, 15,2011
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