First International Conference of “Just Peace, Common Global Dialogue”, Otrish

IWPF planned to hold several regional and one global conferences to prepare opportunities for the elites and intellectuals and transfer the message of I.R. Iran.

The first of these conferences was held in Europe at the critical period of after Iran' presidential elections under the conditions that all the enemies tried to have news bombardment on Iran, and boycott the country. It was held with cooperation of University of Vienna and Communication Organization, a country where in several international organization centers locate. The conference had lots of valuable achievements some of which will be referred later in this article.

Conference Objectives

  1.     Developing a scientific and cultural dialogue about just peace as an Iranian-Islamic approach.
  2.     Clarifying the principles and frameworks of peace and leniency in Islam.
  3.     Indicating to the right for legitimate defense against aggression and condemning terrorism.
  4.     Organizing the interaction among world elites who are against hegemony system, and creating new capacities.
  5.     Motivating the elites for suitable movement to confront tricks of the west.
  6.     Proposing the subject of Islam victim of terrorism, and introducing international terrorist groups and trends.

Title of the Presented Papers

  •     Professor Erwin Bader. University of Vienna; philosopher with Christian religious inclinations; "Principles of Peace in the Bible and Religions".
  •     Professor Wolfgang Dietrich. UNESCO France and University of Innsbruck of Austria; researcher on peace subjects; "The Last Achievements of Global Researches about Peace and War."
  •     Zarko Puhovski. University of Zagreb; Croatia; political philosopher and professor of politics and follower Frankfort school; "Peace and Justice."
  •     Dr. Mohammad Javad Javid. Lecturer at University of Tehran and Head of Department of Law at Shahid Beheshti University; "Philosophical and Legal Principles of Just Peace."
  •     Professor Gerald Heinzel. Military University of Austria; professor of Social Anthropology and expert of conflicts in Africa and solutions; "Armed Clashes: from Preventive Culture to Reaction."
  •     Professor Hans-Joachim Heintze. University of Bochum, Germany, International Lawyer; "Beds, Organizations of Peace from Legal Point of View."
  •      Dr. Elham Aminzadeh. "Just Peace, Strengths and Weaknesses of International Legal System."
  •     Professor Hans- Gunther Brauch-. University of Berlin, Germany; Professor of Politics; "Pathology of Global Peace."
  •     Hojat al-Eslam Dr. Ahmad Vaezi. Dean of Bagher ul-Ulum University; "Principles of Just Peace from Islam's Point of View."
  •     Mohsen Pakaeen. Researcher and representative of Islamic Culture and Communication Organization in the Forum; End of the History and Just Peace."

Meeting of the elites and intellectuals for concluding the conference and presenting their viewpoints.

Awarding the memorial of the conference to the participants by the director of IWPF, and thanking the officials and personnel.

The Achievements

  1.     Holding an influential scientific and cultural conference after the critical period of presidential elections and under the pressure of the Zionist lobby and counterrevolutionary protests and heavy psychological and unpleasant atmosphere against Iran.
  2.     Production and publication of 15 articles in an impressive scientific and cultural environment: 4 by Iranian board and 11 by the European professors.
  3.     Collective decision for completion of the papers and publication of the book of the conference in three languages of Persian, English and German.
  4.     Coordination for holding a lecture session and simultaneous book introduction at universities of Vienna and Tehran.
  5.     Soft influence on the thoughts of the European team.
  6.     Scientific contact with the faculty of humanities of the University of Vienna and University of Schlyning
  7.     Creation of preliminary movements for establishment of a scientific dialogue about war and peace in the world.
  8.     Recognizing some of open-minded European intellectuals.
  9.     Developing opportunities for a group of Iranian scientists to present Islamic thoughts.
  10.     Introducing IWPF as an influential NGO in international relations.
  11.     Familiarizing some European elites and intellectuals with principles of Islamic and Iranian thought about issues like war, peace, terrorism, human rights and…
  12.     Replying to the psychological operative axis of Islamo-phobia and Irano-phobia through creation of a different view of Iran and Islam.
  13.     Disclosing the real face of hegemony system in not blocking accomplishment of peace.
  14.     Disclosing about America and its profiteering goals throughout the world and causing anti-humanistic clashes.
  15.     Peaceful, wise and justice-seeking imaging of Islamic Iran.
juan 20-2009
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