The Third International Conference of “Just Peace, Common Global Dialogue”, Canada

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been facing with increasing media-centered hostile behaviors in recent years; therefore, necessity of confrontation with western soft tricks and immunization of Iranian-Islamic culture and identity is now more urgent than any other time.

One of the programs in this regard is to take offensive policies and literature creation in western cultural and political environment, and break their intellectual hegemony and parochial literature. One of the best strategies for confrontation is to attract global elites and thinkers to the idea of just peace with Islamic criteria and Iranian viewpoints. In this regard, IWPF has planned to hold regional and international conferences on "Just Peace, Common Global Dialogue"; up to now several conferences of this type have been held.
Regional conference of Canada on "Just Peace, Common Global Dialogue" was one these conferences. Aiming to neutralize western actions in North America and influential transfer of the message for just peace to the elites of this region, it was held in Ottawa.

  1. The conference was held in the most glorious hall of the country, center for governmental and parliamentary conferences, which is indicative of the importance and position of the event.
  2. Besides frequent coverage of the conference news and reports in the …newspaper of "Ottawa City", a two hour program on CBC TV and a live three hour program from Canada national radio allocated to the conference a day after the event, which reflected people and experts' ideas and opinions.
  3. One of the objectives of IWPF's regional conferences is to recognize the elites and scholars of the world, and interact with them. In this regard, Canadian intellectuals and thinkers' response to this conference was very considerable.
  4. The valuable experience of the Iranian elites' capability for proposing global subjects is a very significant point, which through taking proper strategies can considerably reinforce the position of I.R. Iran in global arena in a short period of time.
  5. Because of the type and non-engineered trend of national media and the kind of its audience, the conference authorities decided to release less news about it internally.

The regional conference of "Just Peace, Common Global Dialogue" in North America, Canada was held by the Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF) with cooperation of Iran and Canada Friendship Association, Ottawa University, San Paul and Group Four of Canada, Ahl ul-Bayt World Assembly, Islamic Culture and Communications Organization, The World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Parliament of Canada.
Conference Objectives

  1. Developing a scientific-cultural dialogue about peace as a dialogue rule in the world by the I.R. Iran and its constant reproduction at international level.
  2. Preaching the principles and framework of Islamic views toward peace and justice.
  3. Recognition, interaction and activation of free intellectuals opposing with hegemony system throughout the world to create new scientific, cultural and social capacities for ideas of I.R. Iran.
  4. Awakening and activating non-Iranian elites for confrontation with cultural globalization triggered by hegemony system.
  5. Indirect reaction to Islamo-phobia and Irano-phobia projects of west.

Activation of Iranian thinkers and scholars for confronting with soft attack of the enemies.
Conference Programs

  1. Coordination session with Iranian participants and managerial members of the conference.
  2. Attending Ottawa Peace Institute and giving a lecture by Mr. Davud Ameri, Director of IWPF and Dr. Fazel Larijani, and inviting some of institute officials to attend the conference.
  3. Having a coordination session with cultural envoy of I.R. Iran in Ottawa to explain the goals for the journey, and attract their cooperation.
  4. Having a coordination session with ambassador of I.R. Iran in Canada to explain the programs of the journey.
  5. Participation in "Think Tank" meeting of 87 group (a group of retired and experienced Canadian diplomats, who have meetings every two weeks and study the last changes of the world). In this meeting Mrs. Aminzadeh on behalf of the Iranian council presented legal views about the structure of Human Rights and Peace Keeping (UN).
  6. Holding coordination sessions with Iranian delegates on Wednesday afternoon.
  7. Visiting the site of conference (parliament hall, and Saint Paul University of Ottawa) and doing preliminary preparations.
  8. Preparation and coordination session with some of non-Iranian participants of the conference with the Iranian group.
  9. Holding conference of "Just Peace, Common Global Dialogue", in Ottawa parliament attended by more than 150 people of intellectuals, politicians, members of parliament and group leaders in the field of human rights and peace of Canada. (Despite the pressure of different groups for boycotting the conference and the pressure for its closure, instead of the 100 invited people more than 150 Canadian scholars and elites attended the conference).In this event after an Indian leader active in peace field prayed and Dr. Manusi welcomed the guests briefly then Iranian, American and Canadian scholars stood in the position of the board of directors and presented their papers.

A Brief Look at some Achievements of the Journey

  • Organizing an Iranian elite group with a proper message for defending the cultural and intellectual boarders of I.R. Iran to travel to Canada.
  • Finding a model for smart confrontation with Zionist media and lobbies to neutralize their struggles in opposition with the conference.
  • Holding an influential scientific and cultural conference under the pressure of the opponents, and creating individual and group self-confidence for activities like this.
  • Achieving agreement of a considerable number of Canadian elites and scientific, cultural centers with IWPF's idea for holding this conference.
  • Production and presentation of several scientific and functional articles by Iranian academicians and foreign elites.
  • Soft influence on Canadian elites' thoughts and beliefs.
  • Establishment of scientific and cultural connection with Saint Paul University and several intellectuals of North America.
  • Founding an up to date scientific and cultural movement through designing a model for a scientific dialogue in the field of justice and peace all over the world on the basis of Islamic teachings.
  • Considering some of the Canadian free elites for future cooperation.
  • Introducing IWPF and its influential role as an NGO active in public diplomacy.
  • Familiarizing participating Canadian intellectuals and elites with some of Islamic and Iranian thought principles about issues like war, peace, terrorism, human rights and strategies of hegemony system.
  • Replying to the psychological operation of the enemy about Islamo-phobia and Irano-phobia, by giving a different image of Iran and Islam.
  • Preaching the prominent peace-seeking, wise and justice seeking image of Islamic Iran.
  • Close friendly meeting with more than religious leader of Islamic sects in Canada (Toronto) and trying to create self-confidence among them and achieve their agreement for creation of Islamic unity for more actions.
  • Creation of a new image of Iran among cultural, scientific and political authorities of Canada for more convergence with Iran.
  • Production and publication of peace-seeking literature based on Iranian-Islamic dialogue with an independent rule.
  • Creation of hope and value-based spirit of Islamic culture among Muslims and Iranian citizens of Canada.
  • Preparing the beds for waking up of the elites about the unjust system of the world.
28- 29 octobr 2010
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