The Fourth Regional Conference of “Just Peace, Common Global Dialogue”, Istanbul, May 1-2, 2012

The Islamic World Peace Forum, along with expansion of the justice-seeking dialogue and message of the Islamic Revolution at international level, up to now has established several international and regional conferences on “Just Peace the Common Global Dialogue” in countries like Austria, India, and Canada.

At the beginning of the year 2012, IWPF in cooperation with “Mazlumder” association in Turkey held the fourth conference in Istanbul. It is worth mentioning that “Mazlumder” (defending the oppressed) association, as a peace-seeking NGO, has been active in Turkey for over twenty years; it has different branches in various cities of Turkey including Istanbul.
Following a series of effective and continuous interactions and consultations of IWPF with the mentioned association in the years 2011 and 2012 this conference was held based on the common viewpoints and attempts of the two organizations for establishment and clobalization of "Just Peace".
This report briefly presents the steps and achievements of the conference.

Lectures and Panels
In the morning of the first day of the conference, the opening ceremony started with recitation of some Ayahs from the holy Quran, welcome speeches of the two associations' representatives and explanations of the general director of the conference and Mazlumder were the next events. After saying prayers and eating lunch two specialized panels held, the first with presidency of Dr. Foad Izadi and the…   
The following issues were studied in these panels:

  • Intercultural dialogue for establishment of just peace
  • The impact of alliance of elites on just peace
  • Global peace and pathology of United Nations, international system and just peace
  • Islamic justice and global just peace
  • Just peace and religious democracy
  • The role of media in establishment of just peace
  • The threats for global just peace
  • Just peace and siege of Gaza
  • Just peace based on theology
  • Just peace and human rights
  • Just peace and Islamic brotherhood
  • The plan of Just peace and sociology of Middle East

On the second day four specialized panels were also held; each panel contained four lectures by the invited lecturers that presented according to the schedule. Each lecture (20-30 Mins) followed by 5-10 minutes for argumentations and interchanging viewpoints or question and answer sessions. At the end of each panel a memorial of Mazlumder and the special memorial of the IWPF awarded to the participants of the panels.
Among the important issues addressed in these panels, we can refer to:

  • Justice is a concept that Quran has repeatedly ordered and stressed on its establishment in the human society.
  • If there is no just peace in a society, then oppression and crime will take over the society.
  • The western ideology for establishment of permanent peace has failed, and Islamic countries must study their own past to achieve this end. Western models are not functional for achieving a utopia and global permanent peace.
  • For establishment of permanent peace Islamic rules must be considered.

Islamic Awakening in the region led to the victory of Islamists in Egypt.
Developing a common language and feeling is necessary for global just peace.
At the closing ceremony, the director of Mazlumder, as the host of the conference, read the statement of the conference. Then the director of the forum talked about the details of the statement. Finally the memorials and presents of the two associations were interchanged.

Media Aspects of the Conference
The national and international media agents seriously covered the conference programs before, during and after the event.
The main media activities in this regard are as the followings:

  •   Press conference of the director of IWPF and general director of Mazlumder on Thursday. 45 news agencies and reporters attended this conference.
  •    Live broadcasting of some parts of the conference by international news agencies and networks like, MTTV, Al-Kosar, 24, …
  •    Interviews with lecturers of the conference through the beginning of the opening to the closing ceremony.
  •    6 live TV interviews of IWPF director with MMTV, Al-Hilal, Qods and 7; two of which accompanied by Mr. Jonaid, two other with Dr. Unsal.

Final Statement of the Conference
The final statement of the conference, as the end-product of the intellectual cooperation and ideological common issues of the two parties holding the conference, emphasized on the following issues:
The participating elites and scholars announced that discharging the present and future probable threats depends on the establishment of justice as the common ultimate value of all human beings, and secure safe society; and peace must be based on justice to guide the society toward good and perfection. Pointing to the implementation of their own ethical, social and human responsibility toward their fellow human beings, and freedom of humanity from war, oppression and injustice, the participants stressed on their determination on taking actions based on wisdom and justice to attain an elevated future for all human beings. They agreed upon the followings:
a.    To support the idea of "just peace" as "the common global dialogue" on the basis of divine and natural values and dignity of man. We emphasize that only being based on justice and human dignity peace can be permanent and useful for humanity.
b.    The culture of "just peace" must be included in the agenda of international organizations particularly UNESCO and General Assembly of the United Nations; and to this end, we ask Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Non-Aligned Movement to pioneer in proposing for correction of the statement 52/13 of January 15, 1998 of UN about peace culture.
c.     We are determined to try to develop a common understanding in the trend of pursuit for establishment of just peace with all our capabilities; and to try for its establishment through application of all intellectual and professional capacities and religious and moral norm and global civilization heritage.
d.    We express our deep concerns about insulting the divine values of the holy prophet (pbuh) in some western media, and condemn the actions of some countries for attributing terrorism and violence to the guiding religion of Islam and Muslims.
e.    We condemn the aggressive actions of the Zionist regime in expansion of terrorism and serious violation of human rights in the occupied lands and against the oppressed people of Palestine and the actions of the world hegemony against independence of other nations. And we call all competent national and international judicial centers peruse, prosecute, condemn and punish the Zionist criminals and the hegemony system. In this regard, appreciating the actions of the International Movement of Freedom of Gaza, particularly actions of the people of the region, Mazlumder association and Islamic World Peace Forum, we also appreciate the attempts of the judicial authorities of Turkey and Iran in this relation.
f.    Reemphasizing on Islam as the religion of peace and safety, we are happy about the Islamic Awakening throughout the world which has had a significant influence on renovation of the structures of the international system, and consider it as a proper bed for ensuring the independence of Islamic World against the hegemony system.
g.    We ask for scientific and cultural cooperation of the NGOs especially those holding this symposium, and support formation of "Elite Alliance for Just Peace" for co-thinking, interaction and dialogue among cultures, religions, elites and NGOS.
h.    We announce our agreement for sending the present statement to the high-ranking officials of countries and international and regional organizations including general secretaries of UN, OIC, UNSECO and international nongovernmental centers related to global peace, and request for performance of its contents.

Conference Achievements
In this conference, besides preparing the field for expansion of the literature of just peace in Turkish assemblies and improvement of the relations with an agreeing and influential association in the country, with God's bless and kindness we had a satisfactory and successful establishment regarding achieving a considerable level of the Forum's expectations.
About some of the achievements the followings can be pointed out:

  • Organization of a group of intellectual and elite Iranians with a proper message to travel to Turkey for defending the cultural and intellectual boundaries of Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Holding an influential and accepted scientific-cultural conference under certain conditions with psychological pressure of the opponents, and development of individual and group self-confidence regarding such actions.
  • Achieving the agreement of a considerable group of elites and scientific and cultural centers and scholars of Turkey for holding the next conference there.
  • Soft influence on the beliefs and thoughts of Turkish scholars and elites.
  • Founding a scientific, cultural modern movement with designing a model for a scientific dialogue on the issue of justice and peace in the world stressing on Islamic teachings.
  •   Recognition of some of Turkish liberal elites for future activities.
  •   Introducing IWPF and its influential role as an NGO active in public diplomacy.
  •   Outstanding reflection of the peace-seeking, wise and justice-seeking face of Islamic Iran.
  •   Production and publication of the literature of Just Peace based on Islamic dialogue with an independent rule.
  •   Developing hope and spirit of valuing the Islamic culture among Muslims and Iranians residing in Turkey.
  •   Making the preparations for awakening the elites about the unjust system of the world.
May 1-2, 2012
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