2014 Tehran Int'l Symposium on the Prophet's Diplomacy and Soft Power

The meeting to pool view on International Symposium of Diplomacy and Soft Power in  the Seerah of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) was held here at the Islamic World Peace Forum, attended by related scholars. The meeting aimed to define and adjust goals of the session.
More than 50 scholars and elites busy in the field, including Dr. Abbassali Kadkhodaie, Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, Dr. Fazlollah Moussavi, Dr. Hadi Soleymanpour, Dr. Kermani, Dr. Seyed Reza Ameli, Dr. Jaafari, Dr. Foad Izadi, Dr. Ali Khandaqabadi, Dr. Hassan Hosseini and Dr. Eftekhari.
At the beginning of the session. Dr. Ameri, Secretary General of the Islamic World Peace Forum, briefed the audience on chronology of the session and the effective measures taken in that connection. He said, “To address an important issue and present an Islamic model of diplomacy last year, we managed to hold the first session to define the issue  of diplomacy and soft power in tradition of the Great Prophet of Islam (PBUH). The concern to do that stemmed from the fact that we have been facing diversified models in the field.” He offered an image that west has depicted of Islam today, saying the picture is “unwise.”
He added, “To help change the image, we entered the scene, while claiming to be harbinger of passion and rationality in Islam.” Secretary General of the Islamic World Peace Forum, while recalling the first International Symposium of  Diplomacy and Soft Power in  the Seerah of the Great Prophet of Islam (PBUH), held last year, noted that the second such session is held this  year with regards to warm welcome accorded to the previous one.
Then, Dr. Kermani, Secretary of the Scientific Committee of the session, provided the participants with a report on activity of the scientific committee of the session and the related achievements. Dr. Kermani said it was a very good idea to hold the session. “The reality is that Islamic Iran is now the home of Islam but we have been short to deal fully with Islam and Prophet, failing to present a real picture of them to the world.” To elaborate more on the subject,  other elites presented their views to the meeting and then they agreed to continue such sessions with partnership of Muslim states, international organs and research organizations active in the country, launching infrastructural works for the second such meeting.

25 May 2014
Islamic World Peace Forum
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