The conference on scientific Apartheid, peace, justice and global security was held on Sunday in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

The meeting to pool view on International Symposium of Diplomacy and Soft Power in  the Seerah of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) was held here at the Islamic World Peace Forum, attended by related scholars. The meeting aimed to define and adjust goals of the session.

Secretary-General of the Islamic World Peace Forum, Davood Ameri, Guardian Councilˈs ex-spokesman Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei and Head of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at Tehran University Fazlollah Mousavi are also attending the gathering.

Islamic World Peace Forum Held a Conference on the Issue of Expansion of Just Peace discourse, attended by National Elites, Thinkers and Cultural-Academic Personalities.

Dr, Davood Ameri The Secretary of the Confernece

Praise the creator of universe who set the earth a place for the tranquility of mankind. Salute to all the messengers of God.

On the occasion of the international Day of Peace, 21st September 2013, Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF) held a Symposium entitled “Just Peace in the Global System” at the Department of International Organizations, Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The international conference on "Global alliance against Terrorism for a Just Peace", based on the justice-seeking policies of the I.R. Iran and derived from Imam Khomeini and the supreme leader's emphases for confrontation with terrorism and establishment of just peace, was held in May 14, 15,2011

Second Regional Conference on “Just Peace, Common Global Dialogue”, India

Through emphasizing the role of justice in social elevation of humanity, the divine religions’ idea of justice-based peace will push aside the modern limited and biased attitudes of the hegemony system; and establish peace in accordance with proper culture and respect of human position and value.

IWPF planned to hold several regional and one global conferences to prepare opportunities for the elites and intellectuals and transfer the message of I.R. Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been facing with increasing media-centered hostile behaviors in recent years; therefore, necessity of confrontation with western soft tricks and immunization of Iranian-Islamic culture and identity is now more urgent than any other time.


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