Dr. Nader Saed

Dr. Nader Saed, Secretary of Scientific Committee and Director of Academic Department, the IWPF

The treaties and agreements the prophet (pbuh) signed with other tribes, despite variety of subjects especially for covering the issues about both parties common peace and security, were all based on a set of monotheistic teachings among which respecting human’s position was one the most important ones.

Collection of Papers Global Alliance against Terrorism

Terrorism is an inhumane act and a catastrophe for human society. Today many of the Goverments claim to combat terrorism, yet what we see in reality throughout the world is that the globe is afflicted with injustice,violence, whereas the Creator of man has declared it a safe cradle and a domicile for the thriving of talents and an evolutionary path leading to him. On the other hand, we observe that all fair people gifted with divine temperament, disagree with violence and terror.

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