Henelito A. Sevilla

The intricacies of today’s world require a new approach and consideration to the operationalization of the so called world Peace.

The Islamic World Peace Forum requests that anti-war NGOs take an active, judicious approach toward awareness and prevention of such threats and join the Global Alliance against Attack on Syria.

American antiwar activist and author Noam Chomsky

American antiwar activist and author Noam Chomsky has said a US attack on Syria without a UN mandate would be a war crime regardless of congressional approval.

Canada would “certainly” be breaking international law if it gets “swept up” in a war against Syria without United Nations Security Council approval, a legal expert is warning.

Chandra Muzaffar, President of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST)

For more than three weeks now, the Bahasa Malaysia media has raised the spectre of a Shia threat to Islam and Muslims in the country. Day in and day out articles speak of Shia proselytization among Sunni Muslims; of widespread conversions which allegedly have increased the Shia population in Malaysia to almost 250,000.

The modern definition of "knocking your head against a brick wall" is attempting to tackle anti-Islamic propaganda, online and in the Western media, with a zero budget.

Dr. Hassan Abdalla Al Turabi

In the religion of Islam, a woman is an independent entity, and thus a fully responsible human being. Islam addresses her directly and does not approach her through the agency of Muslim males.

Many students are shocked when they realize that modern Euro-American culture is the embodiment of a multi-dimensional world view or belief system that is commonly called "modernism."

We strongly condemn the mass murder by the Egyptian army and police of people protesting peacefully against the military coup in Egypt and for the restoration of democracy.

Manuel Galiana Ros

The New World Order´s (NOW) goal is the establishment of a world government by law, this is legalising a situation that “de facto” exists, in most countries in this planet.


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