For nearly two decades, Myanmar was a key case study in the growth of the international human rights movement, a country beset by systematic denial of basic freedoms of assembly, association and expression.

When going back to history, we soon discover that the Americans have consistently, constantly, and continually breached their pledges and agreements, and this habit is ongoing and continuous i.e. not to fulfill the promises.

Honouring human rights activism, including the legacy of Nelson Mandela, senior UN officials today mark Human Rights Day calling for greater political will and resources to implement laws and standards designed to promote and protect the rights and dignity of all people everywhere.

One of Moroccan University professor sternly warned over the spread of terrorism and the negative consequences in the Islamic World.

The Right to Peace: A Defense-Security Approach

I will focus on “security and defense approaches to peace” in order to prove that peace cannot be simply realized from a legal or political viewpoint, but there are more important viewpoints with different approaches to peace.

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are meeting in the latest chapter of the decades-long saga of on-again, off-again peace talks. With no leaks, and even less optimism, there is no shortage of speculation as to how the talks are going or whether any agreement is even possible.

 Dr. Zuhair A. Almahmeed

Peace is one of Allah’s attributes and names, and spreading peace within one’s self is the greatest jihad. It is right start to spread peace between all human beings; this is one of the best morals of people in this life and the other life.

Today’s world is facing with widespread and serious damages affected by unfair distribution of resources in the international environment which those damages have been imposed on our world’s different aspects during previous ages and are increasing In light of the changes and new phenomena.

Rouhani’s UN Trip

If the recent trip to New York by the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his accompanying delegation, as well as the main goals and motivations underlying that trip are considered from a realistic point of view, it will be easy to see its main achievements as follows:

Professor Alicia Cabezudo

Exclusive article For the Islamic World Peace Forum by Professor Alicia Cabezudo about learning peace:


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