Is there a relationship between religious convictions and terrorist actions?

Western media coverage of Islam and the "Middle East" regularly dismisses any possibility of meaningful participatory politics outside the frame of western liberal democracy.

Exclusive Article of  Professor Alicia Cabezudo  For the Islamic World Peace Forum October 2014 about "Educating for Ethical Values and Peace"...

Alicia Cabezudo

Exclusive Note For the Islamic World Peace Forum by Professor Alicia Cabezudo about international day of peace...

Zionist regime calls itself a "Jewish state". Al-Baghdadi's terrorist group calls itself "Islamic State."

My old family house in the Nuseirat refugee camp in Gaza was recently rebuilt by its new owner, into a beautiful three-story building with large windows adorned by red frames. In Israel’s most recent and deadliest war on Gaza, the house sustained significant damage.

1. These days, gruesome photos coming out of the Gaza Strip have become quite ordinary for all of us.

International human rights movement came into being with the formulation of the Charter of the United Nations and through frequent references to the horrendous nature of crimes committed against ordinary people during the World War II.

As of Sunday, Zionist was killing Palestinians at a rate of more than 100 per day. Most of the victims are civilians, including large numbers of children, who are being intentionally targeted.

Prominent international lawyer Professor Francis Boyle calls on international community to indict the criminal rogue state Israel, its aiders and abettors.


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