The English word “peace” means tranquility or serenity, silence, freedom from war, freedom from anxiety, a state of harmony between people etc. All the people love to enjoy peace in their lives. Many a times Muslims call Islam as peace. Specially, after 9/11, Islamists echo continuously—“Islam means peace”. Therefore—Islam can not condone terrorism or war. Now, does anybody know what the Islamic concept of peace is? Do you know the Islamic peace do not signify the same meaning we learned from the English Dictionary? Here is the real meaning of Islamic concept of peace.

Human Being is the crown of all creations because Allah Almighty has given him the faculty of intelligence and other inborn powers to utilize for Human welfare. Dialogue is the one inherent capacity and trait to listen to, argue, agree to disagree, negotiate on almost anything without loosing self-confidence, temper, patience and dignity, as it is the only, peaceful, tolerant, civilized and humanistic and most importantly religious way and approach towards negotiation and solution of all divergent issues, conflicts and disputes confronting the world .

The united Nations and UNESCO were founded to bring about a world atpeace. Peace is more than an absence of war. It means justice and equityfor all as the basis for living together in harmony and free from violence,now, but even more so for our children and succeeding generations. TheGeneral Assembly has designated 2001–2010 as the International Decadefor a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World.This decade will provide a unique opportunity to translate solemndeclarations and good intentions into reality.

The authors gratefully acknowledge the generous financial support and substantive contributions of thePeacebuilding and Reconstruction Program Initiative at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC),without which this paper would not have been possible. Special thanks are given to Pamela Scholey, StephenBaranyi, and Eileen Alma at IDRC for their steady interest, valuable ideas, and collegial support.

Islam’s position on racism is both a historical and contemporary issue. While the abolition of slavery and the more recent end of the Apartheid could be seen as the last stand of racism, it is still prevalent in different forms in today’s society. For example, one can look at the football supporters of certain clubs in Spain and Italy, where the organization governing the sport banned certain fans due to racist chants and taunts .

Security is a basic need for humanity. Without an atmosphere of stability and security, no development, civilization, or scientific advancement can be conceived. Hence, it is not strange that Islam deems security one of the greatest blessings endowed by Allah. In the Qur'an, for example, Almighty Allah reminds the Quraish tribe that He bestowed upon them two great favors: He [has fed them against hunger and secured them from fear] (Quraish 106:4). The same meaning is repeated in Surat Al-Qasas 28:57.

Social security is a fundamental human need. Sudden sickness, death, disability, disease, unemployment, fire, flood, storm, drowning, accidents related to transportation, and the financial loss caused by them are the reasons, which create this need. The sufferings from these events take the victim and his dependants towards poverty. The economic situation of the affected people becomes so unsound that they need economic help. This actuality requires that social security should be treated as a basic human need over a very wide range of human activities and situations.


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