Dr. Ilgar Ibrahimoglu Allahverdiyev in exclusive note: Terror is disgusting regardless where it occurred. Terrorist is criminal, and it doesn’t matter what slogans he/she uses to cover own crimes.

 One of the main principles that Islam, through the Holy Quran and the prophetic traditions, has given a major role in running the universe is the issue of justice. Allah has described himself as being Just.

Italian university prof: int'l day of Quds has already turned into a global cause, embraced by different groups .

For months, many international circles have been talking about federalism as a solution to Yemen’s problems and various scenarios have been offered on the basis of this idea. Some analysts are of the opinion that the existing 21 provinces of Yemen should be divided into six federal regions.

The proposal by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Dec. 30, 2014, to the UN Security Council has raised many questions about whether the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are ready for a peace agreement and a new round of negotiations.

Dr. Ilgar Ibrahimoglu Allahverdiyev in exclusive note: There is another tragedy in the Middle East. Again, we see how civilians, innocent people are dying, infrastructure is destroying, a regression of the economy and social life becomes irreversible.

This aggression is not about Iran's regional domination, it is about silencing the aspirations of the Yemeni people.

A woman holds an injured child from the city of Khuza’a in a Khan Younis hospital. Residents of Khuza’a found refuge in the hospital after fleeing intensive Israeli bombardments of their village. Many residents were killed or wounded as they fled.

 The American Muslim condition is paradoxical. Muslims in the U.S. live in the best of circumstances and the worst of times.

Achieving inner peace brings a sense of harmony and purpose to life. It helps to alleviate chaos and brings a sense of structure to life.


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