Terrorism: Preliminary Observations

Abdul Rauf Al  Shayeb, Secretary General and Leader of Bahrain Freedom

There is no better evidence of this than what the people of Bahrain are witnessing:  organized terrorism carried out by militias of Al-Khalifa’s, the oppressor of our people in Bahrain. This regime is supported by the occupying Saudi forces invading our land in violation of our sovereignty and dignity, after having received the green light to carry out the orders of their masters the Americans and the Zionists, the enemies of the people and the Great Satan.
I won’t, in these brief moments, describe what is terrorism, which has been manipulated by the arrogant States in an attempt to terrorize the people’s understanding of this concept. But I will refer to examples of the concept of terrorism. I refer you to the reality experienced by our people and which these days of terror has imposed by force of arms and bullets in Bahrain.
Gentlemen, that terrorism in our Bahrain is exercised by the Authority and the Peninsula Shield Forces, an infringement of Muslims, an attack on their homes, and an encroachment on their wives and children. Our honor is being abused by these barbaric armies who expropriate everything and renege on every principle and value. Terrorism is illustrated by their use of force against unarmed people, who have no fault but that they are demanding their legitimate rights just like the rest of the Arab people. Terrorism in all its forms has been practiced against us, starting from ideological terrorism when the demands of our movement were twisted and presented as sectarianism. Terrorism continued as religious terrorism when troops attacked houses of God, demolished more than fifty mosques and places of prayer, burned the Holy Quran, and infringed on Shiite mosques, convoys, and guesthouses. I can find no more clear illustration of terrorism than the actions of these invading forces and military aggressors, who for their victory attack with all kinds of weapons, unarmed and peaceful people who hold nothing but flags and flowers.
Dear attendees, the concept of terrorism has been discussed and debated in academic circles, till it is almost lost in the maze of politics and politicians. Coming up with an agreed-upon definition is a difficult task, but harder than that is to stand up against terrorism and support its victims. The face of real power is not he who can convince the world of his concept of terrorism, but he who can face it, defuse it, eradicate it. 
How can terrorism be removed from countries that are used to feeding on it? We must be practical – you can’t give what you don’t have. The dictatorial terrorist United states will not one day bring forth leaders of peace and democracy. Do not expect the crow to sing the song of a nightingale. The pot only exudes that which is inside of it. When the globalist masons intermarry with the Wahhabis, terrorism is their natural offspring. Terrorism is now being legalized by the U.S. Congress, implemented into the policies of the White House and the Pentagon, and set as a goal by the Mossad.
Dear brothers, I am standing here with my hands outstretched, begging you to support the oppressed and to support the termination of all forms of terrorism and genocide inflicted on our people in Bahrain. The terror inflicted Al-Khalaifa regime has exceeded all reasonable and logical limits. We must mobilize all our energies to fight for our people and their rights. The regime did not leave any crime uncommitted. They are doing what they can stop the advance of vulnerable peoples towards freedom, independence, and dignity. But the idea that they can stop this advance is only an illusion, held in the heads of the ruling tribal families in the region. The ruling tribal families felt isolated so they tried to expand their circle of the Gulf Council of Cooperation (GCC). They intended it to be an Arab council of only the countries that are governed by families and tribes. They wanted to expand the circle to Jordan and Morocco, the furthest country of the Arab League, because only these two countries are ruled by tribes and families. However, they failed at making this alliance against free peoples who are seeking freedom and independence.
Look at how these dictators collude with each other. They engage in public terrorism against the peoples of the region, who are not allowed to ally and cooperate for independence. If the people tried to cooperate they would be accused of conspiracy and treason. The rulers ignore the fact that they are conspiring against their own people, allowing U.S. bases in their countries, and walking guided by the Zionists whose presence they normalize. They forget that they give to their own people nothing but shame and death, murder and destruction.
We have to stand together today and say no to terrorism in all its forms: ideological, political, religious, cultural, security, and military, whether conducted by individuals, peoples, or governments. We aspire that this conference will come out with new recommendations to add to previous conferences held in this matter and new ways to eradicate the sources of terrorism and reinstall peace in the region and the world. What the Libyan, the Bahraini, and Yemeni people are subjected to, from killings to torture to detention, should not be repeated in the rest of the world. We must strive to rid these people of their authoritarian governments, who have used their authority to go against their people. Otherwise these scenes will be repeated in other countries.
Bahrain, Libya and Yemen are today the doors of change for the Arab and Islamic world. If the revolutionary movements of these peoples fall, the region will fall into the swamp of terrorism from head to toe. Current governments of these countries are establishing the bases of oppression and aggression against people of the entire region. Their pace of establishing alliances for this purpose has become too fast. Our only hope is that we get out of this conference powerful recommendations of how to oppose with the alliances in power and stop the scheme, backed by U.S., to stifle freedom, who knows that there is no place for America and Israel in the region if the peoples in it were liberated and independent.
  In conclusion, I hope that we will all be guided to serve the vulnerable, fight against terrorism and terrorists, and stop the expansion of ideological and physical roots of terrorism where it initiates.

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