A civilization begins its journey of self-destruction when it enters an infantile, self-assertive trajectory, leaving humility. We live in this spirit ourselves. We believe that we have the good knowledge and all others have the bad one. This is the way how the United States reshapes the world according to its interests and creates theories, policies what serve this idea.

That statement does not make us forget the fact that this world has undoubtedly achieved a huge breakthrough in terms of science and technology, but I am talking about something completely different at the moment.
There are many paths to discovery. There is an objective way of presenting reality, which conveys information based on its means and data-bank, and on the other hand there are theories. The discoveries of recent decades have shed a flood of new knowledge on us and much of it has been based on an objective approach. However, it also happens that unscientific theories have sometimes been made scientific, detached from objectivity and twisting the principles solely according to current interests. Undoubtedly, this requires a lot of creativity and in that regard our advanced civilization is unbeatable. Let's see what I mean. I don’t want to deal with the violation of human rights by US as it appears in the news but the methodology how the United States achieves it in a sophisticated way.   
9/11 is a trendy theme. For now, no one knows what happened, only the one who produced that story. The point is, that the disaster happened. That is a fact. From the disaster a film and a number of images were born. Nor should we dispute that there was even a film made before the disaster. At the time when it was possible to present a particular conception on the level of films and pictorial representations, a dominant media content had been launched which induced a directed thinking in the public opinion. A policy is successful if it serves the directed opinions or further manipulates them, so the story has been supported with laws and regulations passed by the parliament or senate. This is where the threads start to move military, economic solutions, however we do not analyze that, but the repercussions of the same process on the basic history.
Once the decisions that seem to serve the public have been made, which are in fact in the interests of a narrow class, the legitimacy of the process must be proven backwards. Accordingly, an investigative material and documentation had to be found which proves that there was a terrorist attack and a campaign is launched, which degrades Islam. People of science contribute with their names and publications for that.
Let's take it step by step. A process starts, it can be anything, even a coronavirus, not just the twin towers. When a topic needs to be launched, it appears on tabloid or movie level, so information is created that can be understood and manipulated for zombies. These can be consumed at mass level and the impact can be measured. This is the basis for a media campaign, followed by a political decision. So, let the zombies go crazy of happiness that their government protects them. But the story doesn’t stop here, because a mass of fake documentation has to be produced retrospectively to make the manipulated sequence of events authentic. This is the prevailing perception today. I can safely say that, as far as Islam is concerned, there are many incredible and false materials created retroactively that legitimize hatred and resentment.
The issue is not just Islam, but the reality in which we live in general. If this is the case in other areas as well, looking back we have documentation about our past, our results, our achievements, which we do not see clearly, what percentage was produced by the given age and what percentage was later redrafted and rewrote.

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