Iran’s strategy vis-à-vis Trump’s bellicosity

The US has created instability and insecurity in the world through it unilateral actions. Such phenomena have been highlighted since Donald Trump assumed office as the 45th US president in January.

During his presidential campaign, Trump left no stone unturned to undermine the achievements of his predecessor Barack Obama. As president, Trump has strained every nerve to repeal laws approved under Obama.

Chaos and extreme distress prevail in Trump’s strategies which are rooted in his personality and mentality. This is noticeable in his policies toward Iran.

The US president’s irresponsible and emotional remarks against the Islamic Republic, which were followed by a warmongering approach, undermine world security and stability.

Trump is under the illusion that he can diminish Iran’s influence in the Middle East because he is aware that the Islamic Republic is a powerful and influential nation in the region.

The following measures can be considered to counter Trump’s anti-Iran policies.

*Benefiting from soft diplomacy to create a division inside the US political system.

*Reciprocal actions against the Trump administration must have international support.

*Efforts should be made to boost Iran’s ties with other world powers.

*Tehran should strengthen ties with the European nations which are not satisfied with Trump’s policies.

*Iran should discuss Washington’s hostilities against Tehran in the international arena.

*The Islamic Republic should not show weakness. It should rather deal with the Trump administration with authority.

*Tehran should pursue an active and multilateral foreign policy.

*Using wise diplomacy can turn Trump’s anti-Iran threats into opportunities for the Islamic Republic, boost its global status and create division between the US and other powers.

*Adopting wise and balanced policies against Trump’s bellicosity.

Having refused to certify the Iran nuclear deal, Trump passed the buck to Congress. His measure was aimed at getting rid of pressure exerted on his administration.

Congress will now have to determine the fate of the Iran nuclear deal by December 15.

Congress is aware that other signatories of the JCPOA are firmly opposed to Washington’s withdrawal from the accord.

Hence, it will unlikely adopt measures which are tantamount to the clear violation of the JCPOA.

Besides, Trump’s bellicosity has endangered global peace and security.

In less than a year in the White House, Trump has increased tensions on the Koreans Peninsula.

He is now fueling an ongoing crisis in the Middle East.

As a result, Iran should adopt an active and smart approach in response to Trump’s irrational stance. This means that the Islamic Republic should preserve national unity and national interests.

Iran should also boost its defense and military capabilities and enhance ties with Russia, China, and get European states on board to create a stronger front against Trump’s warmongering and hostile policies.

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