Inter-Religious Dialogue and Global Peace

Not just today, but always, religions have constituted one of the pillars of the culture of every nation and tradition. Even in modern secular states,religion and believers often influence the development of legislation.
The global community is becoming a great neighbourhood where people and religious traditions interact directly with great ease. The traditions of Muslim believers come easily to Europe and America. At the same time, the traditions of Christians and Jews spread to traditional Islamic countries of the East. This communication is effected on two levels. The first is the personal level, that is direct contact between people. This means the organisation of international enterprises, the performance of mixed marriages, other social contacts, and various celebrations, all with the peaceful participation and coexistence of people of a different faith - religion. The second level of communication is institutional. Representatives of different religions or denominations, and of course the religious leaders of different faiths, including Jews, Christians, Muslims, now come into more direct contact and are impelled to start a dialogue. Inter-religious dialogue is now happening and represents the hope of many who believe and fight for tolerance and peace between peoples. These dialogues can create a trend, but cannot (and should not) be an instrument of power for the domination of one over the other. It is essential for the international community to establish the belief that the trust and acceptance of others does not require the renouncement of one's faith, tradition and the religion of their fathers.people is the culture that God gave to us all. It is a shared resource, such as water and air, and we need to protect it, as we strive to protect the environment. The basic principles of religions include, among else, faith in One God, love for man who was created eternal and moral teaching. Especially the holy books of monotheistic religions, such as the Holy Bible of the Jews and the Christians and the Holy Koran of the Muslims found moral teachings affecting the lives of millions around the world. Islam is the geographical and spiritual neighbour of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. These two religions have many internal - theological and external - ritual differences. However, it is not possible for the one world to abolish the other, and theologians, lawyers, and intellectuals cannot abolish our differences. Nonetheless, we can all unite to protect common goods. As we all want the progress of the young generation, we say no to drugs and yes to the protection of the family, so all we can say yes to peace and no to terrorism. We can all say no to war, yes to peace.
We live in an era when the need for religious dialogue has matured. The current need for coexistence in ―our common home‖, our planet, and the easy, thanks to technology, direct communication, bring us all closer, regardless of the religion of our cultural identity. A deeper knowledge of the different ―other‖ decisively helps in understanding, peaceful coexistence, and cooperation in solving common problems.
We should no longer justify, in the name of the true God and our religion,any war, any injustice, aggression, violence or terrorism. The Creator of the universe, the true God, who created the world out of love, did not
create it to be destroyed by man.
The current critical conditions of cultural and social transition, but also the intellectual and economic crisis, impel all those who believe in the true God to work hard together to achieve mutual understanding, mutual acceptance and ultimately a peace of nations.
There is a common guideline and that is the word of God. The sacred Scriptures meet in the following text of the Holy Quran. This states : “It is He Who sent down to thee (step by step), in truth, the Book,
confirming what went before it; and He sent down the Law (of Moses) and the Gospel (of Jesus) before this, as a guide to mankind, and He sent down the criterion (of judgement between right and wrong)”.
The moral message of truth, which is one and unique in every religion, dictates now more than ever the need to first find the inner peace of our heart, which reconciles us with God and fellow man, and then outer
peace, which eliminates all terrorism, fear and wars. The road to peace is the sacred obligation of the faithful and their religious imperative. The time is now!

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