Iran’s Role in Resolving Syrian Crisis is Commendable

Peter Ford, former UK ambassador in Damascus slams British policy towards Syria and believes that Iran’s role in resolving Syrian crisis is commendable.

In an interview with IRNA in London and giving his assessment on British foreign policy towards Syria, Ford said, 'I am very opposed to the British policy. I am afraid my government has been on the wrong track since 2011. Their policy has been and remains to be the overthrow of the government of Syria. This has only made the situation worse. The British government unfortunately has been supplying aid to some of the armed groups. They claim that these armed groups are moderates, but I do not believe that; I believe that many of them are extremists like most of the armed opposition in Syria. The British government has also been supporting EU sanctions against Syria which have achieved nothing and have made the situation worse for ordinary Syrians and increased the refugee problem.'

Commenting on the narrative that Iran is a threat to the region, the British former ambassador to Damascus said,
'I totally disagree, I think that the opposite is the truth. I think that Iran has reacted to the provocations of the Persian Gulf and the Western countries which began the problem by trying to undermine the secular government of Syria. Iran commendably went to the assistance of the government of Syria and has continued trying to help it in the ways that we know.

To the question whether the overthrow of Bashar Assad is the solution for Syria, Ford said, 'This is yesterday's solution. Even Americans seem to have come around to the realization that Bashar Assad is here to stay.
Almost 10 days ago Trump administration announced that it was no longer their official policy to try to remove Assad and the priority was to remove ISIS. So I think almost everyone except the British government now sees the reality that President Assad is not going to be removed.


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