Gaza ; the Anxious Tocsin for Humankind

Existence of the International Gaza Day is very important milestone to uphold the justice for Palestinians and to defend Palestinians’ rights and freedoms.
Only Gaza, as symbol of oppression in Palestine, most clearly demonstrates the depth of current problem. Gaza in effect is concentration camp under the sky, where thousands of people are refused to get the simplest human rights.
Palestine is the population with 10 million humans, the half of them that scattered around the world, and the rest of them, approximately for 70 years, still stay in their motherland and experience the terror of apartheid regime, which had driven its roots too deeply into the long-suffering land.
Unfortunately, the world observing the genocide of Palestinians with some indifference as if the situation in Gaza became habitual, where every day all human rights of Palestinians are violated. Zionists bombing Palestine cities, kill old people, women and children with impunity. Zionist’s snipers are hunting after Palestinian children and heating the occupied cold earth by blood of innocent children. Zionist heavy dozers destroy and raze to the ground Palestinian houses even with habitants inside as it happened in Jenin. Thousands of innocent people are tortured in Zionist jails by support of hegemonic powers that misinform international community and provide military, financial, economical, propaganda aid to Zionist regime.
Every person who dares to protest against Zionist’s crimes is charging with anti-Semitism. We see the deliberate implementation of substitution of concepts, where anti-Zionists are called anti-Semitists. It looks like critics against Hitler are would be charged with xenophobia against Germans.
Gaza is Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka. Gaza is Katyn. Gaza is Sabra and Shatila. Gaza is Khodjaly. The only difference is that tragedy of Gaza still continues approximately for 70 years.
We should not forget the tragedy of Gaza. Humankind must protect Palestinians from Zionist’s genocide policy.
Gaza is anxious tocsin for humankind. Humankind must break down the fetters of indifference and charge Zionists-fascists that commit crimes in Palestine with impunity.

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