The Perspectives of Islam on Just Peace

One of the goals of sublime mission of the prophets and messengers of God is fighting injustice and cruelty, establishing and consolidating peace and creating justice in the world.

The life of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the Islamic Great leaders are based on creating an Islamic utopia where monotheism, peace, purity and brotherhood would be ruling that land. The Holy Prophet of Islam mentioned the philosophy of his prophecy as a mission of moral. If the ethics are not dominant in the society, creation of justice will be impossible. If we institutionalize ethics, the result of human morality would be justice. If ethics were created in the community; thereby peace, nonviolence, brotherhood, friendship and human relations will be established.
Basically the three secrets of the spread of Islam and also the fast and strong tendency toward the religion of Islam were the ethics, honorable behavior and the interaction of the holy Prophet (PBUH). As the Holy Quran says: Thus it is due to mercy from Allah that you deal with them gently, and had you been rough, hard hearted, they would certainly have dispersed from around you. The date of introducing Islam indicates the fact that the Prophet of Islam as the harbinger of precious monotheism, peace and justice was able to bring together the ignorant and scattered Arab community and establish peace and brotherhood based on monotheism and deism in that shattered society.
The Holy Quran describes peace, intimacy and happiness as the source of good and welfare and as the Holy Quran says: Peace and reconciliation is the best practice for humans.Berceuse of this, the Holy Quran in several instances calls for the creation of peace, security, unity, friendship and peaceful life and says: you who believe! Enter into submission one and all and do not follow the footsteps of Satan; surely he is your open enemy.The enemies of Islam accuse this great and divine religion and its followers of creating violence, however, these false propagandas against the life-giving religion of Islam are in the case, when we can clearly see that Islam, even in the arena of defense and war has also recommended non-violence and human behavior.
If we refer to the date of Islam and have a look on the instructions of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) as a commander in chief in the war or wars and his holiness Ali (AS) and other infallible Imams (PBUT), the Prophet (PBUH) points to some important reminders which were to criticize the cutting of trees, showing good behavior towards the elderly, children and women, not contaminating the drinking water of the enemy by poison and not contaminating the environment. These are all indicating that wherever Islam pursues the issue of defense, the use of violence has been prevented, and has recommended the use of war in the framework of purely military areas. In the life of the Prophet (PBUH) force and coercion were never used or recommended in accepting Islam religion, to the point that the Holy Prophet even rejected the suggestion of some of his followers regarding their children›s obligation to accept Islam, while he was referring to this verse, There is no compulsion in religion. Mahatma Gandhi, the late Indian independence leader said: «There is no compulsion in Islam. Personal life of Mohammad (PBUH) is a prominent sign and obvious example that the philosophy of force and coercion in religion is rejected.»
Unfortunately some of the enemies of Islam inadmissibility attribute accusations against the Prophet, and they also accuse Islam of violence;although we are also to be blamed about it, since we have not been able to introduce the life and the way of our great and beloved prophet to nonThe Perspectives of Islam on Just Peace / 99
Muslim people very well, as his life and ways have been full of love,kindness, mercy and compassion; so we should apologize before the Prophet, however, the mentioning of this point is essential that the sacred religion of Islam in the inevitable wars has respected and preserved human dignity, human values and has had emphasis on these. Imam Ali (AS) recites a narration from the Prophet (PBUH) that when he sent him to Yemen, he recommended that he should not start a war with anyone until he has not invited him to Islam, and if God guides one person
through him, he will receive the goodness and the worth of the world. So we can see that inviting and dialog in Islam are prior to war. Islam commands that if we have a treaty with the enemy, then we should be loyal to that alliance, as long as the enemy has not breached the treaty.
Prophet (PBUH) and Ali (AS) were very much faithful to this principle.Islam has prohibited the mutilation of the enemies (i.e. cutting ears and nose and other body parts), and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) always advised those Muslims who were going to jihad to refrain from these kinds of inhuman behaviors. In this way, Islam has banned such inhuman acts during and after wars. Islam has recommended humane treatment towards the prisoners of war, and has provided some ways for their release. So the basic strategy of Islam is to preserve peace and security, and upholding
social justice and the prohibition of the use of force. This is when the greatest crimes of history is done towards Muslims and oppressed people of the third world countries by those who claim to have the leading slogans of peace, security and democracy. Examples of such behaviors can be seen in many countries, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, the occupied territories of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Bahrain, and ....
Jews, Christians and Muslims were living together in peace and tolerance in the time when Spain was ruled by Muslims. Even today millions of Christians and a small number of Jews, Zoroastrians, Buddhists and Hindus are living together in the range of Morocco to Malaysia, under the ruling of Muslims. They are not only having a good life with tolerance and tolerance, rather many of them in their countries are considered the  Global Alliance Against Terrorism for a Just Peace richest groups, such as the Copts in Egypt or Chinese Buddhists in Malaysia. These groups have never been subjected to «ethnic purification;» while considering the horrendous crimes of Nazis in Germany, the Muslims and Jews in Spain after the 1942 or the Tatars in tsarist Russia and today the Muslims in Bosnia have been subjected to ethnic purification. A lot of people talk about the Muslim world in a way that, as if it is the Muslim world that has docked its warships in the Gulf of Mexico and is
threatening the United States of America, but as we can see, it is the United States‘ ship is deployed in the Persian Golf and has the control over the economic resources of Muslim people in the region. Holding the «The international conference on Global Alliance against Terrorism for a Just Peace,‖ while there is a wave of Islamic awakening in the Middle East and North Africa, and the cluttering of the equations of American and European colonialists and their henchmen, will be an extremely valuable opportunity for the World Summit to expose the ugly face of state terrorism and achieving peace, and searching for appropriate approaches to deal with terrorism. We can very well conclude that Islam is a religion of peace and tranquility and always in Islam peace has been
preferred than war and killing. Moreover, we can conclude that militarism and battle in order to impose public policy and culture is unacceptable and baseless in Islamic view.

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