Exclusive Note For the Islamic World Peace Forum by, ,Haji Ilgar Ibrahimoglu,( the imam of “Juma” mosque in Icheri-sheher, the chairman of DEVAMM Centre for Protection of Conscience and Persuasion Freedom,President of the International Religious Liberty Association),peace activist about 19 January 2016 "Day Of Gaza".

All types of terrorism that intersect with the system of international interests, economic development, and freedom of the market (criteria defining the new international system) have created objections to the link between the emergence of violence in all its forms and applications,...

Peter Ford, former UK ambassador in Damascus slams British policy towards Syria and believes that Iran’s role in resolving Syrian crisis is commendable.

A prominent Indian expert on international affairs on Thursday said that Yemen conflict was a domestic issue, but was escalated by Saudi Arabia, its allies and the US.

 Iran’s Islamic Revolution got triumph at time when the East and West blocs were unrivaled and the Arab states had to join the East in order to challenge the US.

Here, I want to discuss those ideas which stand in contrast to common peace building and peacemaking views. There are two kinds of peace approaches in security theories: a positive approach and a negative approach.

Islam encourages spreading peace, and made it one the greatest virtues. The noble prophet described it as the best moral of people in this life and in the other life when he said “Shouldn’t I tell you about the best morals of the people in this life and the other life… spreading peace in the world”.

The United Nations declared November 29 the International Day of Solidarity  with  the  Palestinian  People  in  1977.

Sayyid Sadiq al-Sharafi said that many crimes have been committed against the oppressed people of Yemen and added that Saudi Arabia’s goal is to commit genocide in Yemen and for them, there is no difference whether they bomb Yemeni markets, religious places, events, festivals or even hospitals.

The move by members of the United Nations General Assembly to reelect Saudi Arabia to represent the region on the UN Human Rights Commission has raised many eyebrows, and has shocked global rights advocates and organizations that hardly think to remove the repressive regime from their blacklists.


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