The Objectives:

  • The main objectives of the forum are briefly described as the following:
  • Development of new literature about peace and justice with internal, national, regional and global dimensions among governments, international governmental and non-governmental organizations and social groups and networks.
  • Study and pathology of peace and justice in the world.
  • Analyzing the theories, schools, methods and documents related to peace and justice in countries, societies and international organizations.
  • Increasing convergence, friendship and affection among various nations, governments, cultures, religions and groups.
  • Increasing social, ethical, legal, religious and professional responsibility of individuals for pursuing and being loyal to peace and justice.
  • Interaction and cooperation with thinkers and elites to get access to a wise inclusive model of world peace
  • Investigation of the international activities related to peace.
  • Defending the victims of violation of peace and justice throughout the world, and seeking peace and justice in all levels and dimensions in a comprehensive and up-to-date process.
  • Setting up relation and developing convergence with all peace and justice-loving NGOs.
  • Helping formation of global coalition of elites and NGOs for establishment of peace.
  • Providing advice and theory for international organizations, like United Nations, to improve the rules, procedures, trends and processes related to peace and justice.

Methods for Fulfilling IWPF Objectives

  • Holding scientific conferences and symposiums at national, regional and global levels.
  • Compilation and publication of scientific and artistic works.
  • Holding various exhibitions and fairs.
  • Holding scientific, artistic and cultural competitions.
  • Creation of ideas and messages, and regular correspondence with authorities and heads of governmental and nongovernmental international organizations regarding significant events of peace and justice.
  • Providing official propositions to the governments and international organizations about issues peace and justice.
  • Conducting scientific researches.
  • Holding educational courses.
  • Achieving cooperation and agreement of other organizations and individuals who look for just peace.
  • Cooperation with cultural and media systems.