About us

The need for coexistence and elevated life of modern human beings is one of the most important requirements of the world; and every individual man, professional and specialized society, government, NGO and also the international society must consider accomplishment of it as a priority, for in the contemporary world we are observing serious threats endangering peace, justice and tranquility of man. Recognition of the existing threats and their reasons and the grounds, and also the strategies for securing peace and justice in the world are issues which need scientific study, humanitarian spirit and the sense of social and professional responsiveness.

A common endeavor for comprehensive definition of peace and preparation of the beds for elevated life of man are among the priorities of present time. In fact, preparation and application of peace in modern world necessitates a convergence and comprehensiveness, by which close investigation of epistemology, ontology and anthropology enables normative approaches (law, ethics and religion) to open a clear bright view of systematized regular life for humanity while examining the conditions of social relations and international communications.

As an international nongovernmental organization (NGO) under the rules and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF) was founded in 2007 in order to try for establishment of a just peace and reconsideration of a peace-seeking system based on human dignity and global justice. The forum has opened a new horizon and approach to the issue of peace through considering fundamentals and elements of peace in modern world, and evolution and background of the related thoughts, designing theoretic foundations and extending practical aspects of “just peace” in accordance with humanistic, religious, moral and cultural values of mankind, and also through drawing the path for human elevation in convergent, mutual and cooperative relations. With such an approach derived from divine religions and logic of collective intellect, focusing on convergence of religions, civilizations and cultures, and allying the elites and NGOs, the forum tries to protect modern man from the disaster of war and insecurity of violence in the light of a dialogue based on philosophy and principles of wisdom and practices.